Tuesday, July 01, 2003

difficult to write something in the city library as i have found that "public computers" is a social thing where they people to each side of you are ever needfull of help and relating!
Truly a social event! there have been days where i really spend all my alloted time with other users. there are two right now. utterly "newbies' and utterly having lifeproblems.

interesting how i find the *every* social event IS a social event! Once, i found, intuitavately, that in this cafe of 30 people with four waitresses, everyone was really talking with everyone else! No one knew that, of course!
whenever i eat, usually the first bite of food is interupted by someone at the next table! sometimes i can, when i sense an interuption, i actually infer that Spirit wants me to talk to the person, and low it is so!!
why not; if an old soul comes to a certain cafe at a usual time, other people are directed to also be there to Teach or to learn, or to give/get a messege!