Sunday, July 27, 2003


---so the book burns my nose!
Oh b-o-o-k-s!
The burning eyes, the irratated nose, the "feeling like a bottle-cleaning brush has been reamed down my throat", lungs sear a bit!
yes, open, today, at Borders, a atlas on sale for $10. just look at it for about two seconds and my eyes burn. the *INK*...see! they make ink these days, so that i cannot indulge in reading very much. the National geographic is a toxic substance and never to be touched again! most mags are like that. i get hot hands when reading many newspapers, and i wimp out, in the sunday times by the time i get to the ARTS section or the travel section as the ink is far far far toooo much!

no books in MY apt, thank you! Oh i have a few computer books safely sealed off in a cupboard.
mags get dumsterized, recyclized, right after reading.

I now know why the red-tipped cane, for the blind is RED, even though they cannot see that: only we can see the red color. That is *because* this red cane is for us, not the blind person.
it is a "flag symbol" that says..."i am blind and may need some allowences and help, with my getting around: please forgive me if i bump into things, or need some help from you"!

there is no flag symbol for ALLERGIC people! they*look* ok, like of my sister who was medically allergic to cigarette smoke, and her wheel-chair office worker had more public access, by far, than she did! But my siter look hale and healthy, but 8this8 is the sort of stuff that she had to cope with....
call the realiter about the house for rent.
ask her about the apple orchard that might be near by: she allergic to the spray so she asks how far away the orchard is.
Realiter: "oh there is an orchard and it is far away so that you will have no problem what-so-ever."
Sister and i visit the rural house. yes there is an orchard.
it is 300 feet from the house!!!!!!!!
my sister and I could *maybe* cope with an orchard if it were THREE MILES AWAY!
maybe. prefer five miles.
Sister dies a year later; lung condition.

no books that you. no church. no clubs. no new shirts. anything that is ever ever washed in detergent, why it never comes out even with ten washings.
I plan to die Intellectually illiterate! too too hard on my health, to read.

----laments of a man who has a Mucus-lining Disibility. maybe i ought to have a large red "nametag"
on my shirt, over the heart, that says....."I am allergic-disabled, please forgive me if i get up from my bus-seat, when you sit down, and move, as you like your
"I am Allergic"
in letter two inches high, on a 3 x 5 card, on my left shirt pocket.