Tuesday, June 17, 2003

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yes a Real Nightmare, a nightmare beyond belief, "one for the books"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cravat: what is expressed or INFERRED, in this dream, is not what this here freestone, the writer, believes in or wishes...please do not take it out on "me' if you feel like "flaming"!

the dream.
simple enough, i go 'out of body" and go to a 'somewhere" and there I am. I am in a room or at some place and before me is a group of dark-skinned men in white robes with sort of 'turbans" for hats, hats of wrapped white cloth, like the Arabs wear. these
most certainly *are* Arabs.
they are Men of Some Authority. They begin, or rather, one man speaks for them all, and for all of the rest of the men that seem to be part of this Organization.
He speaks of the great sins that the western women have committed, in the name of "moderness, sex, career-over-childraisings: he denounces the way that the western people, women in particular, live. "no spirit." "all sex and sleaze". No respect for traditions of the home, husband, children. materialisim. No following of the Laws of God, in their lives.
...and he speaks of how this large organization is going to DO something about this! Solution: each member will go to the west with a rifle and shoot, with this sniper-rifle anyone that they can....and bring Justice to the west.

then I awake.

---the Inferences, sports fans, are far far far far WORSE!!

I gave *this* short dream, as I walked from the coffee shop, to the computer, some reflections.
I realize that ALL dreams are symbolic, even if they are "objective" in the astral heavens.
there will be no "shootings" of people. there will be no "extra" killings, other than the usual terror attacks.

so who were these people?
were they, I pondered, "Talibans" who also were out of body, and I met them??
...we all being in Spirit? I would consider this not to be so, as these men were *very* lucid, and very "there", unlike me, in my dream-state; this means that these men LIVE THERE. They are Spirits, souls who live in a lower heaven world, a world that I went to, to have them meet me. they can see the western ways, from the spirit worlds. They are, at least, of a very conservative Muslin past, when they lived on earth. Thus this place is a spirit-realm, and these people live there as residents, while I merely visited, from my body, on earth.
i gather, upon reflections, that what they intend to do, is to await the after death arrival of people from the west. They will focus their attention upon the "modern western woman, especially the "non-spiritual" Feminist, and because these women have no "higher spiritual Guidence", they will be at the mercy of these men and of the organization, that exists in the astral realms.
"shoot down"....they will confront these women, [and men] with their SHADOWS of their opposite natures that they denied: living at home caring for the children and being behind their man and living a "chaste" life! bring that up to their face!! bring up their Failures to live a God-fearing, God's law-abiding way of life *as* what a woman is supposed to live *as* a woman, in the human race! these women will have to confront the rest of their feminine-soul, that they denied while upon earth!!

thus i fear that a great many many people, after death, will have to go to "Taliban world", for awhile, in order to confront their opposite nature, as their "enemy", called the "Muslims", is only a reflection of themselves the part that they dislike within themselves.

this, being the true nature of the NIGHTMARE: that *you*, reader, might have to confront being taken, soon after death, to a "kangaroo court" to have the Charges levied aginst you, that you SINNED terribly and Will Pay terribly!! "sinned' by denying your Inner Nature, your archetype as a woman, by being "western-modern"!

I, freestone, have to face that these Spirit guides, of the "Taliban", may have a valid point, a point that many people may have to face, after death!
my *own* part, of this nightmare, is that my own beliefs, of "freedom", and the "western ways of life"...may be IRRELEVANT to Spirit and Spiritual Reality, and that maybe they, these "spirit-Talibans", may be Right!! I will have to "convert" someday, as well as you!!

I support the western way of freedom of choice, please do not get angry with ME!! I have to report the dreams that i have. When one is taken into the spirit worlds, while living, to see places and talk to souls and spirits in two way conversations, one must Accept that many of the experiences will *NOT* be "Nice"!! many will challenge *every* belief held!!

could the Christian fundamentalists be right, in their views of what a woman should believe in and do?!!

Freestone places this Hot Potato back into the Bin!! please direct your comments and flames, in the comment box, to the "Taliban", not to me, the Messager!!