Saturday, June 14, 2003

Well I tried to read that book
""The Astral City,The story of a doctor’s odyssey in the Spirit World. By André Luiz (spirit). Through Francisco Cândido Xavier .Ist Electronic Edition by GEAE ""

A doctor, who died and now lives in the spirit world, tells Xavier about life there. read the paragraphs below, please!

Feminine souls do not remain inactive here. [in the spirit world, after death] They are trained to become worthy mothers, wives, sisters, missionaries. The woman's task in the home cannot be confined to a few idle tears of pity and many years of servitude. Of course, today's rash feminist movement is a grievous offense to the true attributes of the feminine spirit. Women aren't meant to set themselves up as rivals to men in offices, an in the different professions and business departments, which are adequate fields for masculine activities. Nevertheless, we are taught here in our colony that there are many dignifying tasks outside the home which are compatible with the feminine sensibility, including nursing, teaching, textile manufacturing, communications, and all kinds of occupations which require patience. Man should learn to endow the domestic circle with the fruit of his experiences, while woman should lighten the burden of man's hard work giving the home her sweetness and an inspiring atmosphere. Within the family circle, inspiration, outside it, activity. You can't have one without the other. How could a river feed its flow if it were not for the source? On the other hand, how could the water of the source flow on without the river bed?"

Narcisa looked intently at the woman, and, after a few moments, replied that there were fifty-eight. [spots on her body] Brother Paul continued, patiently:

"Those fifty-eight dark spots represent so many children killed at birth. On each of these spots I can perceive the mental image of one of the little children whose life she extinguished, some by crushing blows, others by suffocation. This unhappy creature was a gynecologist who exploited inexperienced young women, committing heinous crimes under the pretext of easing the conscience of others. She is in a worse position than cases of suicide or murders who may, at times, show mitigating circumstances."

I recalled the numerous cases in my practice when, to save the mother's life, the unborn child had to be sacrificed. But, reading my thoughts, Brother Paul added:

"Of course, I'm not referring to legitimate measures which are forms of redeeming trials, but to the crime of killing those who have obtained the sublime right to live and are about to begin their sojourn on the physical plane."

got that?!
----woman's place is in the home, raising the children, not going out to work, not in trying to *become* a man!
---abortion *IS* murder, WORSE than murder, as it keeps a soul from incarnation on earth Killinging someone is not so evil, in comparison, as the soul is still there, but abortion kills the SOUL..."soul-murder", as an abortion keeps the soul from ever forming!
[go another inch, *only* an inch, to the ya..."people who kill abortion doctors *are* only Executioners, executioners who save lives, by executing murderers!! go to A Camp to Learn About Explosives...NOW!]

...ex-CUSE meeeee, sports fans! why oh why is every "spirtual path", that i seem to read about goes to say that
one should become a Puritan?! just go join some fundamentalist christain church, pleeeease!

I have a *HUGE* "trash can out back" for pitching spiritual paths into...

my philosophy: one should be free to think, feel, do, anything: make life a huge Daggerfall-Morrowind RPG game. yes there *are* Consequences to anything done, felt, thought...but i feel that the best Teacher is Experience, and one should only learn by Doing, and learn all the subtle subtle interconnections and "rules" that way.
Learn that indeed everything and everyone is interconnected and that a "private' feeling or thought affects everything and everyone around you: but YOU learn it, not have it put to you from "outside" of you as a "thou shalt, or Else...!!!
---and....when you die and come to heaven, you will not need "schools", as all the Knowledge has been internalized within, from that great great Teacher...EXPERIENCE! the Knowledge will then be truly *yours*, as it will be part of your soul, instead of having attempts to "force" it upon you, via threats, authority, or Guilt, some some authoritative someone or someones.