Friday, June 06, 2003

well I have found the Interpretation for my "housetrailer" dream, that I had yesterday, and that I had wrote up, here, yesterday!

actually it was simple to interpret: now my Work can begin, on what it means!

so here I was, involved, in my dream, in some activity in a house along a shore of a lake, symbolizing "my life".
suddenly at the very end of the dream, some unknown "personage" sort of yanked me aside and led me into a room where he told me
about one sentence.
[something like]

"You DO know that you will move from your trailer at the end of seven years, do you not?: you WILL!"!

this black-garbed person?? it was as if he intruded from outside of the dream, as if he were of a "higher reality" than of the drama
of the dream! would be as if, in a movie, you are sitting in your seat, at the mall-a-plex, watching a movie and suddenly the Projectionist were to announce a message over the soundtrack of the movie!
----and the *tone*!!
the tone of voice was something of like of this:
...wake up.
...LIS-ten! is The News, wake up, NOW!!! are w-r-o-n-g, in an Important assumption. you WILL correct. NOW!!

In order to interpret, I have to make the simple knowing, in dream interpretations: that any object always means other *than*
this object, as if when a "apple" is shown, it means not an apple but a pear!
Yes I do live in a housetrailer. in a TRAILER. since the fall of 1998. *if* the dream is literal, I would move from it about the fall
of 2005.

lets see....about ten dreams have told me, since about 1996, "that all of my spiritual, soul's, missions have been done and finished."
In this weblog, in fact, I have alluded that If my "one year to live" dream [may 13th, 2002] were to be overwritten,
I would be as if...."I am standing on the stage, *after* the play is over, the script finished"!!

simple interpretation: since 1996, after all my life spiritual work is finished, and my MOVIE [modern play] is over, what would be showing on the screen *after* this movie is finished and I am still in my seat, watching?!


the movie's trailer, of course!!
my life's trailer, where I would be in reflection upon my life's past.

Fall of 1996, I, in some nameless place, I happened to look at the inside of my right arm and found a three inch sized " 7" on my skin!!
it was as if I had scratched my arm, and now there is that healing-wound scar. a *perfect* "7"! no letter-drafter could have made it better!!
1996 to seven years!

Guess I had better NOT cease my weblog, "one year to live", where that Master told me that "In one year you will begin your Spirit life"...on may 13th of 2003!!