Sunday, June 22, 2003

Today I had a small insight as to what rap/hiphop music really *is*!

I used to get slightly disturbed about what seemed to be the anger that is with this music, as well as the "gangsta" element.

the insight?

---I see before me a forest of trees. This is a thick woods, sports fans, and the small young trees have a great stuggle to grow up through all the other older established trees to get at that life-giving light. Each young tree struggles, life or death: push one's way to the light or die.

"Becoming"..As the Set temple puts it! tis the stuggle to be Existing.
---does not help if the "tree" is a 'second tier tree"...[read:"Black"----racial discrimination and all it infers!!]

another image: a room full of people...Perhaps a whole auditoium full of people where each person needs the whole room, but each and every person needs this whole room, thus each person struggles against the life-extinguishing pushes of the rest of the people, for that room!

---that person that jumps into your car lane and cuts you off so that you stop *at*the light and that person has taken 4 minutes out of your life!!
---the medical insurance people that tell you that your Rates will go up 80% unless
you take high blood pressure meds, for LIFE, side effects and all!
----your relatives that Tell you "you are wrong"
---there are days that you feel that you are just a faceless nothin in a world of corporate bigness where each and every eating place looks just like the next and that *any* phone call to a business makes you dance through hoops and hoops, just to get a yet another voicemail! Makes you want to write your initials on each and every public place that you see, just to tell every human being that..."I EXIST"!
[*that* explains Tagging and graffiti!]

yes, the anger of Striving to keep back the Growth of all the other trees from crowding into your sunspace!
"outa MY way".....

so now I have much greater Understanding, when I hear it...

Maybe soon, the Trees will hopefully understand that there is also a thing called ..."Symbiosis"!
In a rain forest, each tree supports the next tree to it, and the vines weave all the trees together!

But in the Young grades of Souls.....They feel that they are a small beach sandcastle and the Tide comes in to overwhelm their ego-castle, very *very* easily!!