Tuesday, June 24, 2003


I thought of something, today, after a bit of time from when I read that Tallahassee Democrat
article about the person who is caring for his Alzeimer's mother. The title is something like..."the mother Who Is Not There"...or something like that. there is hardly anyone home. Needs near-total care.....etc..etc...

I see before me, an image of a rainbow. when I see a full rainbow, i always look at the top of it, where the colors seem to be in the best of Glories. But that arch is not complete unless the rainbow is full: got to have the bases too. got to have the front and the back beginnings, near the ground, as if this bow must be supported.

Our lives too!!

I begin at birth, a tender baby infant, needing Total care. Giving only love, perhaps, to my parents as they feed, warm, and wipe me.
I go back to the ground, also, as an old man: maybe i too will need "total care", with or without mental facilities. My friend "Sam" broke his neck in a farming accident and he spent his last year paralyzed from the neck down, and in a vet hospital.

thus my life is measured by the "top of the rainbow", what I did, the "high water marks" of my life, in Spiritual/Soul accomplishments. It is *not* measured by the beginnings and the endings, so much, in that fashion.
---i have known more than one relative that essentially spent their last years staring out of a Home or Hospital window all day.

guess there are waiting room seats, in life too! just sit there awaiting the number nine heaventrain Home!