Monday, June 30, 2003

Life Beyond the Veil, vol 1 - Rev. G.Vale Owen,

page 155
.....a spirit is describing her life in heaven. pages and pages of descriptions of what she is doing in heaven realms. Here, she is describing a bit about another woman, another spirit, and of this woman's problems in progressings because of living a too too material-attached way of life on earth.
[note: i did NOT say "material life"...i said "attached"....once i saw a homeless man spend his moments looking for quaters on the street, he had a regular route..paper machines..coinboxes in phones...he was more, *much* more CONSUMMED by money than even a rich person!!]

what is written, that i copied, is muc much MORE than a mere travelogue of heaven!!
here, in these words is a Golden Teaching, for how one should live here on earth!!

sure; but still with an ever softening heart, and
more humility and trust, and she will do well in time. That is why I have
seen so little of her, and been of so little use. But I may be able to help a
little now and again as time goes on. Perhaps that is why she has been
brought to the place where I am destined to spend a more or less
protracted period of service. I did not know her in the earth life except
through you, and your friendship with her children may be the link which
will enable her to receive any little help I am able to give.
You see, everything is considered here, even the things which seem so
casual and transitory in the earth life. They are all registered and viewed in
their relation to one another, all the seemingly casual talks or chance
meetings, a book read, a hand shaken in the street for the first time and
never again, a few friends meeting, in the same way, at a mutual friend's
house and never meeting again—everything and every item is registered,
considered, co-ordinated and used when, and if, occasion offers. And so
may it be in this case.
Be, therefore, not remiss to weigh well all you do and every word you
say; not in anxiety, but rather by cultivating a habit of will to do good;
always and everywhere to radiate kindness of heart, for in the

Kingdom these are not of small account, but go to make robes bright and
bodies radiant.
And so, dear, good night once again—a wish not without its significance
to you, if otherwise to us, for here all is good to them who goodness love,
and night is absent always where the True Light shines forever, and all is