Wednesday, June 25, 2003

June 25th. in a few days I will turn 62. 62 years old.

On may 13th, 2002, that Spirit master told me "one year to live"!

I pondered, a bit, sports fans, over "why" that particular date: may 13th?! Nothing is an accident, with Visions like this...why the 13th???

that reminded me....
reminded me of when Spirit, back in early 1998, began to send to me many dreams
that *strongly* inferred that I was to die soon! Then by the summer of 1998, the dreams began to frankly become "preparation-in-getting-ready-to-die" dreams!!
At the end of August, I caught pneumonia. The antibiotics helped it go away.
*Then* I had a dream that told me that I was NOT to die and that I now have an EXTENSION!

And that reminded me of the dream I had on the eve of December 1999!!
Oh how Important, sports fans...a dream on the very very LAST day of the millennium!
I was taken to ???? and sat with a Spiritual Counselor, from the Spirit world! She told me how all of my spiritual missions were now done and complete. In fact she told me that if I were to really *really* need it [like of dying of cancer or at the edge of senile-ness], that I could "come on my own" [self-euthanasia] and there would be no "sin" for it!!! Thus, in that way, this message really tells me that I had now Finished my life-script and now I am alone on the stage: actors and audience gone home!

may 13th.
I left Tallahassee on may 14th of 1997, to spend a year in my hometown, a year before I WAS to die. May 14th to September one year and a few months.

suspicions arise, sports fans!! That the master, in this death warning dream, picked up from the records that I have a year to live, but picked up from the records as of may of 1997!! That may 13th, is one day from the day I left Tallahassee in die in my hometown in September of 1998.

so one of two things will occur.
1...I will have until the end of September or the end of October, of this year, as the "one year to live" REFLECTS the 1997...1998 'one year"!

2....[more probable] the master picked up a True event, but a event that has been overwritten, and in, the past, as that one year to live, is "as of" may 14th of 1997!.......I will continue to live.

But I find if I live
For *this* would mean that the "death fetchers" cannot fetch me! Like that symbolic event back in 1960 where my mother would not let me go to Canada[symbol=heaven!] to help the Minister of my church to lead the boys on the canoe trip,
and when I told the minister that I cannot go, he came down to talk to my mother for over an hour but she would not budge one inch... I later told the minister..."even God cannot change my mother's set ways, mother wins over God"!! So I had those ten dental appointments, instead.....[symbol: mother=mother earth!].
And the minister had someone else go in my place.
yes, like that event with my mother, the death fetchers cannot get me, even with the ORDERS OF SPIRIT! In fact, perhaps the only way that they *can* retrieve me, is to have it where I *will* to die, want to die, and set up my immediate future to be SET to die!
I find this so disturbing, sports I, being somewhat "radical and revolutionary", I would now NOT want to die, and thus I will have to choose to purposely muck up all of my "future" in heaven! Here might be a whole Project that spirit and I would do, after I die, and like that "leader of the Boys not going"...others will have to fill my place! I would choose to defy spirit, defy my 1998 death, thus I would choose to alter all of the afterdeath plans, set up before I was born!
My genes could carry me for ten to twenty more years. I have done all of my Missions for spirit and the fetchers cannot carry me off of the empty stage. I now imagine that from now on, I will have dreams of "a short time to live" from Guides, in the spirit worlds, as they want me to believe that I will die soon so that they can fetch me!!!
Thus I now stand, if I pass that end-of-October date.....I now will stand to "oppose"
Spirit, itself, in continuing to live!! And I *WILL* try to continue to live!
the spirit guides, even my OWN guides, may send to me dream after dream: nothing that they can do unless I choose to die.

Thus I will end up being..."freestone vs spirit"!

I wonder...will I more or less keep the same routines, in the next 10..20 years, due to "no more missions", or will I try something really *really* radical, maybe even something that spirit may not "LIKE"?!

---do not ask what kind of heaven I will eventually get, when I do die, years from now! Probably arrive "at the station on the other side" long long "after the greeting party" that was supposed to be there [September 1998] have left! I might well arrive to find a vast empty parking lot!

so stay tuned: this could get *very* interesting, in the years ahead!!