Monday, June 02, 2003

---Interesting dream last night!!!

It began in a trailer park, of house trailers and I was living in one. I had just moved into a trailer and I was setting up the stuff from my boxes.
I saw the thermostat and the setting was too too low for my comfort so I set it higher. from "62" to 73" degrees.
I walked about the yard and noted the other trailers in this small rural park. someone came over and Told Me About the park, and
says how often the people here eat off of paper plates and you will too....""

He then told me that eventually everyone will have to move to other trailers on the OTHER SIDE of the road, the "Landlord is preparing a Place there"!. he showed to me the empty field where the mysterious landlord will put new house-trailers for all the tenants in the currant trailers. Landlord had already set out the plots and dug the septic tank holes and put the tanks in. I looked down into the septic tank hole to see the top of a COFFIN!
...end of dream.

In my childhood, a "person who lived in a housetrailer" was very very often of a lower "caste"! an "other side of the tracks" person. outlaw. criminal record. welfare. poverty. white trash!!

Now I have interpreted this dream!!
I will not die at 62. I will live till I am 73...."change the setting on the thermostat"!
I will live, from what is seen by heavenly old souls, from their vantagepoint...."in a slum"..."living with the poor people who often are dysfunctional" [that is how many in heaven see the earthplane!]
and I will eat from their plates! that means I will "SIN" like they do, maybe lie, be bitter, be angry...and other "negative things"
just like they do!
in a phrase....."continue to live like the rest of the human race!

and when I "go to the other side", the Landlord will have a new trailer for me to live in! but a TRAILER none the less. that rock song says...."Gotta do a little hell before ya do your heaven"!
to the LOWER WORLDS I will go. where-ever the "dysfunctional" or "white trash" go, after death! 99% of us, the slow slow slow Progression upwards into the higher heavens!

I guess if I were a chief CEO, of a company, and wants to hire more CEOs, I would want someone who worked his/her way up from the very bottom, working in the labor areas, like of a construction worker or mail clerk or that he would have had hands on experience in ALL the levels of employments, from the entry-level first job, all the way upwards through the promotional levels, to CEO at the top of Management!
thus I agree with my Dream's sort-of-prophecy!! I would want to experience ALL of the hells and the lower and middle heavens, missing not one of them, on my Progressional Climb Upwards to the Celestial. take a million times a million years, what what is that compared to "Eternity"!!