Saturday, June 07, 2003

I get letter from time to time, where the writers wonder about dreams and worlds. many people think that dreams are only dreams. They think that a dream is only a sleeping version of a daydream, made while sitting for an idle moment at the workdesk! One can sit there and imagine and create a fantasy world. when the daydream ceases and the dreamer goes back to work, the only place the dream remains is a memory in the subconscious mind.
same with dreams?
*NOT* obe..astral travel...out of body, dreams, though!!
When I go visit a place, a place in the spirit worlds, I am visiting a true persistent world! in my world, awake, when I look away from my desktop coffee cup, it is till there.
Thus, in these astral travel dreams, the places that I see will still be there when I am not there to see them!

---all that babbling really means....that some dreams, of fantasy worlds, that anyone can have, are of real places. these places will still be there, when you awake, and they will be 'there" when you die and arrive to see and experience them!