Wednesday, June 11, 2003

I am gonna be busy with *this* link!! i may not post so much here for awhile as this is a find, a whole book is on this site.
a book?

The story of a doctor’s odyssey in the Spirit World.
By André Luiz (spirit)
ThroughFrancisco Cândido Xavier

Nosso Lar” (or “The Astral City” in the present English version) appeared on Earth in 1943 through the mediumship of Francisco Xavier and edited by the Brazilian Spiritist Federation (FEB). The book tells us the odyssey of a recently departed physician who introduces himself under the pen name “André Luiz” (see forewords by Emmanuel and J Haddad). The author discloses a spiritual society, a colony of work located in the vicinity of the Earth surface, where one finds the happy of sad results of one acts after reaching “the other side” of life. Far from abstractions or purely philosophical argumentation, André Luiz speaks about the actual reality of imperfect spirits still alive, working and preparing themselves for the next life’s struggles.

Translated from the 25th Portuguese edition entitled “Nosso Lar” . First Portuguese edition published in 1944 by FEDERAÇÃO
ESPÍRITA BRASILEIRA. Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil.

Spiritist Group of New York
and GEAE (Advanced Study Group of Spiritism)
Francisco Cândido Xavier ...a brazil medium, wrote over 250 books, well known in brazil, utterly utterly unknown in the usa!!
"wrote" as most of his books are channeled writings. Spirts who lived on earth, send material.