Thursday, June 26, 2003

""Mary's Message/Newsletter

Annie Kirkwood, Author
Rte 1 Box 100
Bunch, OK 74931-9705
Phone 918-696-5998 ""
-------Mother Mary, channeled through Annie kirkwood.
Mary's articles on "EARTHCHANGES" and the "end Times", are the most Lucid and most "real-true sounding", to me, of all the many many Predictors of earthchanges that i have read....

on the page there is a link., which says...."* Mother Mary announces a "grace period" in issue #28 June/July 1996 "

"It is this awareness, these decisions and understanding that has benefitted the whole of humanity. The many disasters I told you about in past messages have been delayed and minimized to such an extent that a grace period has been granted humanity. You will find that the next few years will be given to you in order that you may be ready and prepared in total. You will have an extension of up to ten years. During the ten-year grace period, there will still be many storms and the weather will continue to be erratic and unusual. People will lose their life because of the weather and because of natural disaster. People will continue to comment on the weird and unusual weather. Scientists will give many explanations, but none will be able to tell you exactly what is happening with Mother Nature."
---go to the article to read ALL of it.