Friday, June 13, 2003

another interesting dream last night.

a long long long dream that seemed to be, to me, upon awakening, to be some kind of symbolization of my whole life's passage.
At the very end of the dream, i sat with some "counselor person" and she told me of the Reckoning of my life!
"your made $850 and after the Costs are taken out, you have a net of $2.50".

...???? upon awakening.
until i gave it some thought, everything in my dreams is sombolic of something else!
I lived, basicly, in two places, most of my hometown, and in tallahassee. i nearly died, of EMPYMA, in 1993.
total time spent in BOTH places taken together....85 years! 85 years until 1993.
I left my hometown, perhaps for good, in 1998....5 years later.
since it is 10 years between 1993 and 2003...*this* accounts for perhaps 20 more years, as "my physical body"=10 years and my "time in tallahassee"=10 years
25 years.
*this*, of course, assumes that my death propechy is REAL!! that my "one year to live" prophecy, is real and will come true.....