Saturday, June 28, 2003


today I am 62 years old. happy birthday to me......

I did More math! How many people, sports fans, ever get a dream where a Master reads your life records and then tells ya that you have one year to live?!
*that* has been a small puzzle, over the year: amongst the many other questions that I of them, the *first* question would be..."is it real?!
Is it A Real message from a Real master?!
then the second nearly-as-important question would be..."is this Master Right?!

---He may read correctly, but there is more info that he is not privy to.
---He may read correctly, but Spirit changes things in that year.
---he may read correctly, but is 'symbolic-only"!

but I DO recall a slightly irked prayer to spirit, after I was "preped' to get ready to die, in early 1998, and then spirit changed the outcome!
I prayed earnestly to Spirit..."please please...I tire of getting "false" warnings...please
tell me only if you feel like it and Pleaseeee tell me a year before I "really" die, a little like of my father having that one year of grace, before he died"

[Mother had a similar dream where some master told her that in ten years she would have a red sports car come into her lane at dusk, but that her husband would live until he is 72. She met her Appointment, right down to the color of the sports car, but spirit gave my father one extra year, as father wanted to see me and make amends for turning against me, after his wife's death!]

as when my Mother came to me on may 2nd of 1999 to tell me three numbers...3...39...99, I was 57 years old and there is 57 days between may 2nd and June 28th....I ASSUME that the 46 days between my death prophecy-date and my birthday would be Important!!
may 13th 2002. "In one year you will begin your Spirit life"!!
46 days.
---does not fit anywhere, by itself!
but today....why all I have to do is totake my today's age....62, and add it to 46, to give a number.
62 + 46 = 108
*the* spiritual number....the number of beads on the rosary, I think. Sai baba's important number...Hindu and Christianity, very important number.

---plus the fact that I was 46 years old *when* my father was having that one year extension!!
he had 14 months beyond his 72nd birthday.

ah well....tis been a wonderful life! *will* be a wonderful life somewhere's else!
I better Lean more into the "midnight oil" rock group's song says...
"time to take a Harder Line"!