Friday, May 02, 2003

yet another blinger of a shocking dream about heaven!!

yes, sports fans, yet another one. a simple one, but oh the Import!

[for years and years i have dreamed about a place that they call, the inhabitants, the "Appalachian Mountain lands"!
this is a heavenworld for people who lived, on earth, in and around the Appalachian mountains. an "early heaven", for
souls who have just arrived from earth, and need to live there for awhile to get adjusted to heaven.
my sister lived there and I did too, for several years, near Asheville, n c, in the earthly mountains. my sister was in this heaven for a awhile, before Ascending higher. father too.....
I was even shown, about two years ago, my cabin-to-be, where i will live when i come there!!]

well well...last night i went to the base of the Ridge, where the entry area is, for this heavenland...One of the entry points.
i was in the astral and i met someone who was Interested in coming to see the Mountainland. so we both walked to the road that led upwards.
then THERE is where the Shock was....the road was


oh it was there, at the junction, all right, but about 100 feet upwards, this road quickly degenerated into a path, a path that disappeared
into a pasture. I walked upwards through the pasture, anyway! at the top of the ridge, where the entrance used to be, there was a "development" of houses, done tastefully. this was *like* a "development" on earth: a hundred homes all made at one time.
the woods behind the houses had not a trace of the little pass that was an entrance to the Mountain lands!!

no more Mountain land! Spirit overwrote it with new heavens! my cabin is probably not there anymore.

from this...and other experiences....
i suspect that most of heaven is, or will be, changed, as the new millennium gets under way!! so so so much of a change that i will not read any more books of channeled/inspired material that describes the afterlife worlds, that were written before about 1999!!
all are now wrong!
"A NEW HEAVEN and a new earth"...the owner's manual says.......

I may have no heaven to go to when i die!
but i will, according to my dreams, of late: i will go to the very lower realms to join the Counselors of the souls, there. be a helper.
a helper to help these souls progress up to the "real" heavens!

in one sentence: " the Last Picture Show"! .....working with souls and Guides to get the "teens" to leave a dingy drab
"Texas redneck small town", of a hell-world, to go off to "Dallas", the Big City...a higher heaven.

but i and the helpers, those who work with me, and the Supervisor Guides, will never never ever LEAVE! just like that man who owned that movie theater who tells the teenager to leave the town: he will die there of old age, alone, Mission accomplished!