Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Yesterday i remember something that I had completely forgot about!!!
Something SO strange and SO "weird" that I could not Deal with it, back seven years ago!

Around the end of September of 1996, i was merrily, innocently, sitting at a coffee table at some Starbucks
and I happened to turn over my arm so that i could see the undersides of my arm: below the wrist to about the elbow. This is the "white" inner arm.
there was a scar on my arm, a scar like of some scratch that now has healed, but there is a red mark there. This wound was about three inches in size and it "WAS" a perfect perfect "number 7"!
the "7" could not have been drawn any better!!

I did not recall any scratches or wounds. it must have been there for a day or so.....
Oh this mark was on my arm for a month, it slowly went away...

NOW...this September will make it to be SEVEN years from this event. the end of September, what Does it Portend?!
for it surely DOES mean something, I who am Schooled and Bonded, in the school of synchronism and Signs!

*this* is why I am not going to close down my "one year to live" weblog!!

Tis probably written on my arm that i have had seven years to live!