Friday, May 23, 2003

A very very Interesting dream last night!!

Another visit to the spirit realms. In my dream, I began to realize that I was in the company of some guide, a guide who sounded like he was giving a lecture to many people. With his lecture, there was a "movie", but the movie was a first person "I am there"!
It was as if he were giving to just me a personal talk and tour, although his voice sounded like his talk was to multitudes of students, in a class: might have been....each student could see the "movie' as if he were the only subject!
the topic?
-----the History of the Black race!

*here* is where I lack words to describe, as this guide described scenes from the history of the race. I will have to just put out snippets
and not in any order, as to just a few concepts that were presented, presented with accompanying "video".
----picture of a south New jersey, USA, black community [he says, "new jersey"!] we walk around the poor neighborhood.
he says..."the ???? fern and the calla lily have accompanied the black race all over the world, to where-ever they migrated and moved to.
....picture of a black man carving a sculpture of a orange-clay man-sized figure. guide speaks of the "love of the black race for Representations, more valuable than Gold, to them".
...History does not show just how many black people lived in Europe during the dark ages and the middle-ages, the numbers are much *much* greater than white-history shows!

[*most* of what he is showing to me, are things that I cannot even begin to write about, as I remember so little. Too...the subject matter is "noetic"; that is...subtle subtle feeling tones of the Role of the black mother and the Family and the Soul-connections
of time and place and the "stuff' that makes up a "black person", "soul-stuff' that cannot be seen, measured, tested for, evaluated, by "scientific, psychological, means! How can I describe a feeling tone of a small Georgia back-owned farmhouse, off in a distant field?
I would eat up *ALL* my 100k limit, or need four hours to talk and you say not ONE word while I rap non-stop for four hours!]

As I awoke, I could still hear the Guide talking, in my head! At this point, he was describing the Real Homeland of the black race!
this is the Home where all the race began, where they developed. it is *not* Africa!! it is southern INDIA!
he was saying that the southern Indians, before the Caucasian invaders came, was Dravidian and pre-Drividian....[Negrito]
These peoples were the first blacks and their race-culture came from this. later they immigrated some of themselves westward to Africa.
[no wonder I see blacks who look *exactly* like sathya sai baba!! baba is of the dravidian race.]