Monday, May 05, 2003

Tis Nice and Quiet this am, in the student library: finals are over and everyone is gone.

A nice place and time to Summerize......

Tis the 5th of May. Here, i have nightly dreams of going to places in the astral worlds. perhaps i even dream other people's
memories, using them instead of mine. How often, just before i fall asleep, i hear voices of people talking, people I did NOT recall hearing in the day! Often what i hear is not nice, like of an argument! why?! maybe because an argument has more "emotive-power", thus it has a more powerful etheric signal, thus it is the loudest! Some couple miles away, maybe far far away, or maybe just down the block! During the daytime, i often "find" myself in *this* state of heart, or *that* state of feeling....when I pick it up from the people around me, on the bus, in the mall. there are spots and places along the streets where i ALWAYS get a certain feeling: the people in the houses Radiate their souls.
Yes, in my world: everyone bleeds into everyone else, i feel that. in a cafe *everyone*, from the customers to the servers, why they are ALL having a conversation with each other, everyone at each table is talking with everyone else, in the room! 99% below the threshold of awareness, of course!

*this* is why i find the *cynics* bitterness-rant of "life is too too meaningless", not to be real! the older I get, the more mysterious i find life to be! but i find it "hard' to live in the world, being a "sensitive", PSYCHICLY sensitive, as well as "allergic' sensitive"!
I have had it where my friends, who *think* that they understand me: they, themselves, call the "not understanding ones", "small Nazis"....but my friends still are "Nazi-istic"
"you are too too imaginative". "yes, lost in your imagination again, Freestone".....even my friends tell me this!! little do they know!
but I forgive them: Just how can a 4th grader understand 11th grade stuff?! my "4th grade" friends lament that they have to live with 2nd graders!! most souls, in this world, are 1st and 2nd graders! Old Old souls are *very* rare!!
as even my friends put me down: I have to remember that I was ONCE like them, 2nd...3rd...4th graders! lives and lives past, surely i was "Valad the rapist", in some medieval 1500 AD village, in Europe, lives and lives ago. And my 4th grade friends, as well as the other 2nd graders, why they all could become Grad School MASTERS some day!!!

In my retirement, at 61 years of age, why i could spend my reading-time reading all these here "spiritual books", books on the afterlife and books on spiritual development. but I have my Visions. *they* tell me that the very Nature of heaven has changed, over the years! "a new heaven and a new earth" is "NOW"! thus all the books written, from the 1800s until just recently, written by spirits through Mediums, Channeler, and Sensitives, describing the afterlife worlds:these worlds have been OVERWRITTEN!!
only from the Celestial realms. upwards, are there Permanence, i read. as the Millennium Turns, from "1999" to "2000", the very nature of the lower heavens change. Since the celestial realms are far far far off, for our progressions to get us to
["there are many many MANY bridges to cross before one ever ever gets to "Ithaca""] : MOST of us, after we die, will spent hundreds and hundreds of years in these lower heavens!
----and I am finding, in my dreams, of late, that some of my 1980...1990...1999 heavens-that-I-have-been-going-to, at night, have CHANGED! changed recently, like my "Appalachian heaven". That was a shock, a week ago, to find that it no longer exists! so so many "new" people have moved to near the entrance to this place, that the "architecture Masters" redid this land!
----thus, now, most of the books are WRONG! i will not read 'spiritual books" much, anymore! i plan to stay with the "new york times": the WORLD!
[our so called "known" world, i find to be very very unknown: just look at what has been discovered in the last ten years!]

But my near-nightly dreams of astral heaven places, sure do make a kind of mockery of the ads that i hear on the morning coffee-shop radio! *this am, at 7 am, i heard this lady Sell. sell some car. Oh how important is this car, compared to my Visit to astral Brazil, last night?! but of course, for those who do not go to Russia, brazil, Iraq, in their dreams...why that car is very Important indeed!!
[a second grade coloring sheet, is laughed at, by a high school freshman, but to the 2nd grader?!! This sheet of white paper, for his "color in the out-lines of the animals and turn it in to me, tomorrow, in class" Quite Important, for this 2nd grader!

with Financing SO low, maybe it is time for *YOU* to get your Dream-car, sports fans!! Pay attention to those ads and go for it: then...use that car to color in your life-soul-spirit "life experience karma" with that car *as* a Tool! take a trip to you dream vacation...or whatever. enjoy your "2nd grade"...or whatever grade that you are currently in!