Monday, May 12, 2003


dreams dreams dreams! just what do i make of them all?!
last night!!
[yes this is the 12th of May, the last day in my "one year to live", though "one year" would mean possibly "23 year and 11 still "one year"!]

I was at some ASTRAL meetingground! this meeting place seemed to be of a large building, and the outside area, where there were about 300 people dressed in "Society for creative Anachronisms" type of middle-age clothes! there were booths where archers were practicing their skills....a room where people were eating like the middle agers did: no forks or spoons, only a knife and their fingers!

At the end of this dream, a lady came up to me with a sheet of paper, *JUST* as i was about to awaken! [*this* always is most significant, an event just at the very point of awakenings....the *real* important stuff gets communicated then, I find!]
Yes, this lady came to me with a sheet of paper and she showed me the one sentence that was on it, a message apparently for me!
she was all excited and very very happy, happy herself and happy FOR me, that was apparent, as I looked at the paper that she held in her hands. And...just what was this good news? good news for her and for me?!!

I saw my name.
"FREESTONE", in capital letters.
under my name, two more lines down, are what WERE a series of numbers, maybe four or five numbers and the first sets of numbers, the first three or four, were crossed out, scribbled over, as *if* whatever they meant did not mean anything, anymore!
there was one number left...
just a "1"!!

so there I am, sports fans, now with the memory of a sheet of paper that looks like this.....the message....



betcha this "1" has to do with that "one year to live"!!
betcha i will NOT live untill 2005!
betcha that at least SHE thinks that this is so....where did she get the message? did she write it herself?
Since I have had at least THREE dreams, over the years, giving to me SYMBOLIC death dates....1964...1981...1998, I strongly suspect that these numbers that were crossed off, where those dates!
will *THIS* date get crossed off too?!!!
or is she happy for me that.....

the feeling that I get *about* her happiness, *as* I picked it up, while dreaming of her, was this...
"I am so so happy for you freestone: your time of sufferings in the earthplane are over, time now to come Home and live here, Doing your Soul's happiness here, will make you the happier after your Time of Missions on a plane that entailed all of the usual Sufferings that are encountered on that plane!"....some feeling like of that!


stay tuned.....