Tuesday, May 13, 2003

[Someone asked me, the other day, a question.....he is from Germany, and I live in the USA!
This person sort of asked me what I thought about the past and future of the European civilization!
I wrote back, just now, with some Pondering about his question.]

I am still thinking about your question about the Future of Europe.

I am 6000 miles away in space and time, but I see how once the flow of people went to the new world, all of the Genes that make for exploring, went to the west!
the outlaws, the explorers, all the attention deficient genes went west, starting about 1500 AD!
they sent their criminals....the radicals...the people wanting freedom from persecution...etc..etc...

thus a kind of "great divide" occurred.
the ones who stayed home tended to be the conservative people!
so perhaps as the great abundance of old people, in Europe, get even higher due to the low birthrate of the last 50 years....the ratio, even NOW, of the old, is nearing 60% in some north E. countries!

I read that in England and in Germany, the churches are closing, no people!

I am afraid that I have to say that as the old get even more populous and the workers get fewer and fewer...
IMMIGRATION will have to be the Rule for Europe!
*they* will have to do the dirty work and the work that only the young people can do!
that means...Easterners.....Muslims....afro people!!

lots and lots and lots of them!!

just WHO will support an population of 80% age 65 and over??
the amount of senile people who need constant care will go out of sight, the rate will just go up and up!

my advice to any young person in Europe: get a job in the medical/nursing profession!!

well, time to go onwards to more mail: that is my "Europe observations for today!"