Saturday, May 31, 2003

---someone asked, in a letter, if a person seen in a dream, that is a deceased that person just a figment of the imagination or is it a real visit by a heaven-living soul?!
I replied.....

Interesting! I have had many many obe-astral travel dreams over the years. Of late, I often begin a dream in a room, talking to someone that I have never seen before. Sometimes this person is a deceased relative.
my sister. she, about a year after her death, she showed to me a book, a book that she was using in her Spirit class at the "University" in heaven a university that I have been to, in my obe-ings, before this dream. she told me that she has spent over 10,000 hours on this class, and the book was about how to recognize the inner karma, of a counseled soul, by the outer appearance of his/her face!
[one wears one's karma, I guess!]
she was a social work professional MSW and professor, while on earth: wrote textbooks and counseled.]

what I found Interesting, in this dream, is this....and I use this example as to what I have found to be the case with nearly all of my dreams where I talk to spirits.
I dreamed that my sister was at a table in an aunt's house, a house this is from my childhood, here on earth, in upstate new York[Interlaken, NY].
So here I was, in a image-house that I supplied, talking to a Soul who came "down" from heaven, to talk to me. I do not know if she also created the image of the same house or that she was in a "room" in heaven that was utterly different from "my" room. I suspect that I created the room from my subconscious, a room that she could ALSO see and then come to.
thus this room is a 'halfway house" for her and I to meet.
I find that this occurs with all my "meeting with a spirit' dreams. sometimes they bring their own scenery with them: I see places that are not from my own subc.
so in a sense the room, or scenery *is* a figment of the imagination, but it is of a kind of "prop" on a stage, for a real actor to appear onto!