Thursday, May 29, 2003

*this* is what AUTISM does with me!!

in the
mastersite, there is a forum. a perhaps-wonderful forum! but the administrator has wrote to me a severe letter, TWICE now, in three months as I have used my weblogs URLs to direct people to my site.....goes against their Policy.

but can I remember not to post my url?
I will do it over and over and over, just like I will tell someone the same story over and over and over.....always new and fresh, always!
I had to write this administrator to tell her that I would be safer not ever to post again and to just leave the list and remove the urls from my files!!

I should be happy to be able to more or less live independently and not to live in a "Home"! While I have wonderfully amazing dreams, no one really, in my circle of friends, wants to hear them, and well they should NOT as they all are Learning how to live, in this school of the physical world.
---but I lament that here is a good forum that I will never go to again.