Wednesday, May 28, 2003

"Sam": when is a dream not a dream?!

I had a dream last night, my old friend "Sam" came to see me, came into the room to talk.

[He was my old childhood friend, from 8th grade through high school. the high school graduating class had all of 28 kids in it, thus a very very "personal" class! he lived right next door. I often saw him, over the years, until about 1999, when he died.
...sometimes I dream of him, in similar ways to this dream I just had]

I can only recall, dimly, what we talked about, but the talk was *not* about "chit-chat" and small talk! It had the feel of "life and death and transcendence" to it, plus a good dose of "Philosophy and metaphysics" too.
[i wish i could remember what we talked about!!!]

Then he told me that he had to leave, we walked outside of the building that this conversation took place in. we continued to talk a bit, then he walked away. I watched him walk up a path, a path across a field, up a steep hill: the path came to a fence with a gate in it, just at the top of the hill where the field became level again. the fence ran from "left to right" about 200 feet above my head and my last memory of Sam was his going through this gate: then I woke up.

this memory of Sam going through the gate will be burned on my brain for the rest of my life, perhaps!
*this* little-seeming event, tells me that this was NOT a dream! Sam was going through a gate, the same "image-gate" that many NDE, near-death-Experiences, see....when they come up to a gate, the "gate to heaven" that they cannot go through or else they cannot come back to their body! the Land before the gate is the "halfway point", the twilight area, between the living and the dead.
I can easily go out of body up to this point, and Sam can come down from heaven, easily, to this point: the field below the gate, with the house.
the "room"! the "visitors room".

---so this gate, in my dream, indicates that this visit was an OBJECTIVE visit, by my friend! he really really did visit me.
I wonder...
I wonder just how many dreams, that people have, of their "deceased' relatives and friends, are like of this dream: where they come from somewheres to see and to talk, but the dreamer may think that this is only a dream!
I have had many many of these visits, by Spirits, over the father...sister....others.
YOU might have had some too, but not knowing it!