Thursday, May 01, 2003

Oh what an AWFULL dream i had last night!!!
truly truly a-w-f-u-l-l!

[was it because it was may 1st?!]

....I dream-awoke to find myself in a neighborhood of a large city. that part of town where the houses begin, next to the inner city. usually *not* the "nicest" part of a city! this city seemed to be of a composite of every city that i have lived in where the "vibes' were bad
and it felt, while i lived there, that all of the aura of the streets were filled with ugliness and sufferings and angers! the kind of a place where everyone is on drugs and/or sells them; five year old kids included! the place where a 8 year old girl is Wise in the ways of sex.
In this dream, sports fans, i wandered these ugly mean streets, everything looked dark and dingy. I could see "urban renewal" at work, whole sections of housing blocks were partly demolished and in ruins. a feeling more of..."the negativity drove this area of the city to an end state, where the ruins reflect the evil"...rather than..."a cleanup is being done, to get rid of the evil"! no one lived there, only a kind of "darkness' ruled. the buildings *looked* dark, the skies were dark. the very feeling of this place felt of "darkness"!
I wandered and wandered this ugly place; only in a few blocks were houses untouched and all the people that were once living in them were gone. some construction guy yelled at me...."tearing it down, 33 square blocks"!
the final dream memory was....where i fell down onto a pile of debris and i could see a black ooze, like of a kind of oil, seep out of the ground and begin to soak everything around me. Then just as this nightmare was about to end, several people ran up to me, muttering about how they had this huge hot black oil bucket with them and they were about to pour it all over my body!! Even my body was to be saturated with blackness!

---"saturated with blackness"....the message of this dream!

i awoke. over my coffee and the mile walk to the library, i pondered a bit over this one!
"saturated with darkness"...the darkness of us all, our collective black aura and no one gets out of here untouched!
"gotta do a little hell before you can go to heaven"...the rock song lyrics say!
All of the "negativity" of all of the people around me, over the years, saturating my own aura!
I have spent years living in places where anger and pain rule.......

but it is the "negativity" of "second graders learning how to live"!! most of the world is of the "Young soul age"!
this negativity is part of how a young soul grows up to be an old soul.

comes down to this: I feel that we NEEDED that Saddam to be there, as he is us! our reflection! our own masculine urges for Power
and riches and sexual domination! I suspect that i would feel APPALLED at how many women have fantasies about having sex
in one of Saddam's "sex rooms", with Saddam or one of his relatives! He is us: if he were not there we all would have to invent him!!

Miami herald....A P wire service



Posted on Tue, Apr. 29, 2003
Son of FSU football coach pleads guilty in $10 million fraud
Associated Press

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -Steve Bowden, eldest son of Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden, pleaded guilty Tuesday to conspiring with former Alabama quarterback Brian Burgdorf in a scheme prosecutors said swindled $10 million from investors, including the FSU coach.

Steve Bowden admitted to being part of a scam to sell unregistered securities through The Millennium Fund, which billed itself as being for "the privileged few."

Assistant U.S. Attorney Adolph Dean said Steve Bowden brought in his father and three other investors who lost a total of $4.4 million. Bobby Bowden invested $1.6 million, Dean said.

The younger Bowden once co-wrote a book titled "The Bowden Way" with his father, a Birmingham native who has been at Florida State since 1976.

A second man, James Michael Hanks of Hoover, pleaded guilty to conspiracy and tax charges during a hearing before U.S. District Judge Karon O. Bowdre.

Burgdorf, who was a captain at the University of Alabama as a senior in 1995, intends to plead guilty during a hearing Friday, said his attorney, Ron Marlow. He didn't say what charges would be involved. Steve Bowden pleaded guilty to conspiring to sell unregistered securities.

Prosecutors will recommend a sentence of one to two years in prison for Hanks and probation for Bowden, Dean said. Bowdre set sentencing for July 30.

Other than the longtime coach, documents showed investors included Steve Bowden's brother-in-law, John Madden; four doctors; and former University of Alabama athletic booster Logan Young of Memphis, disassociated from the Crimson Tide program because of NCAA rules violations.

Bowden and Burgdorf were among the recruiters who brought investors into the scheme, which began in 1996 and included a web of accounts and corporations, according to plea documents filed by federal prosecutors.

A lawsuit filed by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission said Bobby Bowden invested in the fund in 1997 on the promise of a 14 percent return.

so go buy andplay Grand Theft Auto III today!!

I will probably get to know, after i die, many many many of the Hades "Demon" entities, as friends, counselors, even!
you too, i guess!