Wednesday, May 14, 2003


yes, sports fans, in a sense, I tremble more for *this* Possibility, rather than in dying this year!!

the story. again.

---It was summer of 1960, early summer. I was going off to college in the fall. Around July 1st, I saw my church minister, and he had
a proposition for me. the summer before, this minister took the boys from the church on a canoe week-long camping trip, up to his cabin in the lake country of Canada. This minister was from Canada, and he owned the cabin. We all, all 20 of us, had a wonderful week.
he was getting organized for this year's trip. he told me that I was a very good fellow to be a "right hand man", a helper, for him, to be his helper in leading the boys, as there were now more than 20 and all of them younger than I. I said "yes" and then I looked forwards to this trip, a month away: I would the this minister's Assistant then.
I went home and told my mother. She was aghast; she said to me..."why I have about ten dental appointments all set up so that you will have your teeth fixed before you go to FSU, in the freshman class. you CANNOT go"!!
I then told the minister about this, he then says that he would go down and talk to her, to try to convince her to let me go.
I, later, sat in the kitchen as Reverend spent near an hour trying to convince her to let me go.
to NO avail! she stood her ground. I later told, the Reverend "that even GOD could not sway my mother"!!
I had lots of dental appointments, and went to college without a canoe trip!

This event stuck with me all of my life, this trip would have been *the* "high water mark" of my childhood!
Later, as I began to Understand Symbolism in my dreams, I began to understand that "Canada" in my dreams, always represented "Heaven"! partly being "north" and mostly because of the water that separated. My childhood home was just on the south sides of lake Ontario and the Saint Lawrence river.
"mother" symbolizes the 'life on earth", my life on earth, the Power of the Mother-earth and of my own "bodysoul's" Urge-to-live!

Thus now, sports fans, you *might* be able to guess, from this account, what I am going to write!
I have had, over the years, at least FOUR points in time where I could have died! the first two points were Prophesied in advance *as* a possibility. In both years, I went, PHYSICALLY, to japan and to Texas, to live for a couple of years, and *each* of these two places were also "heaven-symbols"! Thus, a 'symbolic death" only! In 1998, that whole year before, my dreams constantly tried to "prepare" me for dying, in and within about a year. In September, I had a case of Pneumonia: then immediately my dreams told me that I was given a "Grace" of more years...yet *another* Appointment with Mr Death missed!

*WILL* Mother Win, here, yet again?! I addressed this possibility, in my prayers, yesterday, and this morning, on my walk to here at the Library. the childhood symbol *is* potent! the statement says..."I am supposed to work with Spirit, in heaven, after I die, as one of the many Helpers and Counselors and healers, of the younger souls". but Mother will Win: God himself, Spirit itself, even with the Date upon the Book of Life, cannot be able to retrieve me! I will die of genetic "old age decay" or perhaps die at 73, like of my father and of his father before him! die at 73, keeping the PHYSICAL symbolism, of being like my father and grandfather! Thus, no matter how "potent" the dreams, no matter how "real" the Visions are, in the end of it all, they well may have no impact at all upon my life! No impact, as Mother will win out over Spirit!!

In my prayers, yesterday,I addressed this Possibility with Spirit. I said," if Mother wins and you all, you Guides, angels, masters, cannot ascend me at my Appointed Time, and I am not there to be a helper with you all, then please do this: Give my dream vision-shown, heaven cabin to someone else and give my "job" to someone or someone, who is..are Capable, in MY PLACE! The Work of Healing of souls, is much much more important than whether I am there to do it or not, thus appoint someone else in my place if I am not there to join you all"!
...and I furthermore told Spirit, im my Prayers..."so when I finally arrive, 10 to 20 years from now, there could be NO place for me there!
So, if so...please either Re-incarnate me IMMEDIATELY upon the earth, with ZERO heaventime, or else give to me a place on "square one" on the lowest heavens, the very very "beginners" area, so that I will be able to humbly work my way up through the realms, like all very very Young Souls do: not skip *any* levels and do them computer RPG games should be played, go explore all the levels and all the buildings and do ALL the gamequests!"!
I then gave a final prayer to Spirit, saying that..."I have given my Permission for you to do one Extreme measure[s] if I cannot come at my time, the visions give to me "one year"! Please, Spirit, have Mercy if I cannot arrive, as you know More than I. please do what is best for all concerned, including my self! And please Be Aiding me, this old age fool, as I continue to live upon the earth, if I have to live another 11+ years, beyond my "time to go"!