Sunday, May 11, 2003

a MAJOR intuition!!!

I see today, that I *could* have made a fundamental error, with all of my mother's and my own death prophecies!!

---a phrase came to mind, from my memory, a phrase from a channeled Guide: he says...."death prophecy numbers are so unreliable due to the difficulty of Guides comparing the flow of time on earth, against the passage of time in the spirit worlds! We have found that whenever a date is given, in prophecy, that the earthly event occurs ONE YEAR LATER than what spirit gave, for the happening-date!"!

Then I see what may be occurring!
when my mother was told, in her given-prophecy..."in ten years you will die", there was, for me, no Knowing *when* she had this dream! I would now bet that she had this dream ELEVEN years before she died.
and...the Master that told her about her husband, my father, living until he was 72?? why that could have been his own interpretation, the master's interpretation, as father lived until he was 73. "that one year of grace?"! the grace, itself, was part of what was already established in Spirit!

So here I was told, by this Master, in my own Vision..."in one year you will begin your Spirit life"
one year as of WHAT date, WHAT year?!! I do not know the Reference-date for this telling, only the master knew that!
His reference date could be of a time or date years from "now"!!

Perhaps I need a Second Opinion!!
...and...I have one: SAM!
Sam, my deceased Shaman friend, who both of us suspect that he was an Indian Shaman in a prior life. I have actually seen him while out of body, once: he had a Hawk headdress on his head! *the* sign of a astral traveling Shaman!

About six months after he died, he appeared to me. I could see his face and I heard him mumble something to me, a message of some sort. Then below his face, were a string of numbers, the same numbers over and over, in huge HUGE letters and numerals.

2005 D F....2005 DF.....@005 D F.....2005 D F....2005 D F....2005 D F
on and on and on, filling my whole vision, below his face, in numbers about four inches high:*shouting*, it was!

"D F"...probably as in "A D"

2005...Death [of] Freestone!!
like the "A D" is..."death of Dominius[Christ]

I would *much* put trust in what Sam says!

I will be 63 or 64, then.
Probably at 63 years of age, in the winter of 2005.
*this* is what i suspect, now, is the Drift of these prophetic messages!
*and*....this will be the Slant, of my weblogs, in the days to come. A *kind* of an "extension" of a sort.
so stay Tuned, Please! i Imagine that i will have, very soon, a kind of "crash course", in the Preping to get ready for my death! *one* of the reasons why i am beginning to feel that this 2003 year is NOT "the" year, is that I have been not having the Dreams that indicate
a "getting my soul ready for the Mechanics of dying! *they* may well occur during the last NINE months, just like the baby needs nine months of Gestation. Thus my soul-prepping, is still a year away, if i am right, now, in my Prophecy-assessments!

I will Post, in my two weblogs, any dreams and events, during the next year or so....maybe someone who will actually FOLLOW and keep track of, all of my dreams, rants, and stuff....why their *might* actually be a kind of "teaching" where one could learn how the Overself, and/or the masters and Guides, actually prepare a soul to get ready to die!
while my death is not your death, sports fans, there could be some common denominators of events, to all souls!

Thus i might have up to two more years!
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