Saturday, May 03, 2003

I am beginning to sense, on this may 3rd, the Magnitude of my Mother's visit from heaven, on May 2nd of 1999! four years ago, my how time flies by! She actually came to see me to tell me four numbers.
"39...3..99" i have spent, now, years, pondering.....several times a month...?????!

[I could go into a long long numbersnit, utterly utterly BORING to you all, sports fans!
["sports fans"....a saying that i learned, at my 1960 freshmen years at florida state...means the same as "the peanut gallery", the people who were "live", who sat in bleachers, at the studio of the making of the tv 1958 series of "Howdy Doody"!]

I think she infers that i will live till i am 73!
yes, my heaven is gone, then! no more 'Appalachian heavenlands for ME!