Thursday, May 15, 2003

a grey day.

perfect day for the full moon eclipse; everyone around me is in a very bad mood! even when I came to read my 'comments" that people have put to my writings, I get The Heat! I guess when people are young and they think that they know what is real and there are "right ways' and wrong ways", no shade of grey permitted: they can judge everything thusly! even KILL those who are "not right"!!
I took a look at the site of the guy who stormed into the Ohio university, just before the site was took down. hate filled site. the Guestbook was even more interesting, where people tried to tell him that he had too too many opinions of malice towards one and all...

Just *what* are these people gonna DO when they encounter the spirit worlds?!! no matter how these critics rant and flame, the yawning grave is the Great Equalizer!
even their "logic' is flawed......because if they are right: that there is not a bit of any awareness of anything, after death, then all the rantings do not matter!
a guide once wrote, through a medium...."these souls who anger against death and afterlife, some of them dimly recall their HELL-STATE, between lives, and it was *not* nice! thus they fear death much more than normal as they are really fearing yet another long visit to hell"!

Interesting, the newsgroups and message-boards!
I find that the first three replies to *any* question or statement, are good: then it is FLAME WAR from then on. personal attacks follow and sometimes it goes on and on..."reply number 183"!
does not take much to get a personal attack against you: just write anything at all......