Saturday, May 24, 2003

---the Blair incident and the Matrix Reloaded!

A few hours ago, I saw the Newsweek article about Blair's reporting mess, with the new York Times.
It becomes clear to me now, perhaps there is a "coincidence" between the release of the movie Matrix reloaded and Blair's
expose! It is finally ck
clear to me that *any* and all news articles, books, tv-news...etc, *IS* unto the Matrix!
...for nothing is real and true. but! I do NOT mean this "untrue" to be like what the Liberal political call the media to be.

for all articles can only show a bit of anything. it is like taking a snapshot with your camera of the shortstop baseball player at 2:45, halfway into the game. you see a baseball player frozen in time. you do not see the rest of the field...the other players...the fans..the stadium, the weather all! too, you see a frozen second, in about 7693 seconds of gameplay.

"spin" is what I call it! anything written in any paper is the spin of the writer and the spin of the editorial staff. you see "a baseball player frozen in one second of time"!

in the 90s, a Florida paper had an article..."lady abducted from her office parking lot"!
in the donut shop I heard the little old ladies, both of them, wring their hands about how awful the world has become! I told them...
"WAIT"! "wait till the last article comes out...then you can know a bit more"!
next day...the article was about how her husband says the ten year marriage was so so wonderful and he misses her.
next leads, she told the other workers that a strange man sat in his car outside her window, for days...
one month later, the final article comes out...she is alive and well and she called the police from a hotel in LOS VEGAS!
she says to the police and the paper..."*finally*, I am RID of him, the bastard: the divorce papers are signed, I had to run away as that was the only safe way to get away so that I could get the divorce"!

take your donut shop. there are 30 kinds of donuts for sale and just why why *DO* you choose the vanilla raised over the raspberry filled?! you DO know that every raspberry donut rejected is another blow to the people who sell food color and raspberry farmers!! you are BIASED, there is not a reason in the world what you like vanilla! what you Must Do Now, is to buy one of all 30 kinds and put them all into a blender so that grey mush results as you now have a bit of all 30 in your drink: NO donuts are offended by your
unreal choice of vanilla!
or IS your choice real?
spin. you make it real. so does Blair, in his articles!! and you belive him, of course.
---and the "true" background that Blair covered over, or ignored? ??????
each and every description, by all of the "Sniper witnesses and players" a kind of "Vanilla donut"! you read maybe 30 perceptions of the Sniper, will the real Sniper please stand up? NO!

It is all an ad!
each reality promotes itself.
even a flower is an AD! "look at ME..pollinate ME, each flower advertises. each birdsong is an ad. "mate with me"...."no!..mate with ME".....
life is Promo...promotion of different realities, for a share of the Reality marketplace.
thus..everything you see, read, or a Fabricated reality.
all of life is spin. welcome to the Matrix!