Friday, May 16, 2003

Autistic man with coffee!

at my 7 am coffee shop, "the" Autistic man came in for coffee, and went back out. I saw him at a nearby bench, on my way in.
he may be SCHIZOPHRENIC too, or maybe just Schizoid: he was gesturing his hands in a repetitious pattern over and over and over....

I have seen him sitting on benches downtown, now, for over a year. probably stays at the Shelter overnight. I have tried to talk to him: very very difficult.

so many homeless people who are "schizoid"! perhaps better than the 1950s "snakepits" of Institutions, but they tossed the ball to the communities and the cities can only do just so much!
I sense here is a man with a Soul that Tries. but like of a good quality Amplifier but with a short in the speaker connections and only
a static-filled buzz comes out of the speakers for music....this person's expressions fails...
And he may well be like this for life!
"scrambled eggs" for a philosophy. I wonder what he sees and thinks about?

I knew a man once who fell through the Picture Window of Man!!
He drop his LSD acid about once per day, six pills per drop, for months and months!! "dysfunctional" to begin with!
Thus he fell out of the front room, through the plate glass Window, into the Collective Unconsciousness of mankind, out in the back yard! *this* is where the poet and Artist and mystics go, but they have a cell phone so that they can report back, lucidly, what they experience, *and* a rope so that they can pull themselves back into that room, AT WILL!
*This* acid-dropping man had neither!!
Thus he told me, one day, in a period of relative Lucidity, that he saw angels and demons *as* a daily occurrence, all day long!!
Too, he saw into places and mixed them up with his daily life...saw into places that no Sane person Should Ever Ever See!!
----but it did him not a lick of good! Nor anyone else, either!
All he could DO was to laugh and laugh hysterically, all day long!!
Moral: [if there is one!] Learn how to send that demon back, before Summoning him!!
*and*....Learn how to talk with him or to work with him, after you got him!!
....or, do not summon.........

I wonder what today's man-at-coffee sees?!!