Saturday, May 24, 2003


Last night I went to yet another Spirit world, in my dreams! Seems, now, I go Places nearly every night!

Last night, the Guide who took me, told me this is a "HELL WORLD"!
When I got there, the world surely did *look* like a "hell world"!! the sky was blue and the air was clear; looked like a clear summer day under bright sunlight and deep green vegetation. The guide spoke of the ruling Demons there.

So here is a place that is under the vibration of the earth plane and it is still a better place than 60% of the earth?! how strange and interesting: I have often been to worlds like this, where the guides or greeters or the inhabitants tell me that this lovely place is a "hell world"!

I do not feel that the religious people have it quite right, when they describe what *their* view is, of a hell world...put simply!

a "hell world" to me, is a lower-than-the-earth, in vibrational level place, where "physicality" is more important than "intellectuality" or
"higher vibrations"!

the guides and teachers, here, last night, seemed to Teach me the great importance of finding the hidden meanings between OBJECTS. all objects! Find the links, of hidden connections, relate one object to another.

words fail utterly...utterly!! all this dream-post ends up to be is a 300 word literalness of what needs to be a six hour typing effort with 6000 words!

so I have to leave this topic: maybe when I am in heaven, there will be the "time" for my 5-hour talks, and you do not say a dingle word except to ask Questions, where it takes that long in order to convey the simplest simplest ideas, or of the simplest experience!