Tuesday, April 15, 2003

well, if my Spirit Intuition is TRUE....that I will live another 11 years, well What next?! I , who am more than a bit Autistic and have such a "disibility" to chemical fumes that i may never work again....
what will i DO?!
[degression: my sister owned a business and her "right hand gal" was a wheel chair person. but this lady had more Access than my sister to public places, my sister *looked* healthey and "ok", but she had allergy to cigarrette smoke! she died of a lung condition soon after!]
so here i cannot be in rooms with smoke, perfumes, chemicals....
item: i cannot ever ever read the national geographic ever again: the *INK*!! the inksmell is so so strong, my eyes water, my lung condition is inflamed....no more of that S*#X@(!
same with
art shows
movie theaters
---you would *not* want to know how many times, in Piccidilily cafeteria, i have to get up in the middle of a meal and move, the lady who just sits down next to me has enough perfume such that she never has to ever worrey about being attacked by a rabid dog; all she has to do is to raise her arm up and that dog keels over at 50 yeards!!

...but Spirit will find something for me.