Tuesday, April 29, 2003

An OBE dream last night!

----It began where i met a group of "guides". we all went to houses, certain houses that were "along" the shores of a lake.

[as if there were a row of cottages by a lakeshore: we going along the access road, choosing only a few houses, here and there, according to a list that they had with them!]

yes, a list that these guides had with them. they awoke each person, on their list and that person came with us. Soon, we all....guides, the people, and I, entered a large room in a house. there might have been maybe ten people who were so "invited".
There were perhaps about another ten people in the room, awaiting us all.

["on the shores of a lake"......In my symbols, this means that these people on Living! "Living" on earth, and not "Dead"!
The Guides are Spirits, are "dead". The people who were already in the house, they probably are spirits, souls who live in this heavenworld. The meetinghouse was further back from that lakeshore, not on the shore, so this means that this house, this place of "meeting" was in a spiritworld.
The invitees were taken from their bodies too! All were invited by the guides to Come, come to meet in heaven, for some reason known only to the guides.]

Now all twenty, or so, of us were gathered in this large room. ME. The Guides. the residents. The Visitors, OBEd from the earthplane.
Then someone at the table, certainly a resident or one of the guides, began to speak, to give a talk.

[probably WHY all were invited! this is a "astral teaching class" for earthly souls, who come up to Learn, in their sleep!
I have often read of such classes, from reading of spirit-guides write of this, through mediums. i have often been a part of such classes, in the past. Most of the pupils will not "consciously" recall the dream...if they DO recall it, many will think it was "only a dream"!

the Teacher began his discourse....[partly remembered]
He talked about the Seth material a bit [Jane Roberts/Seth], he talked about the material in respect to a small truth that he wanted to talk about...
...that most souls, in the spirit, afterlife worlds, "work' or belong, in a group. Perhaps the group is working on a "group project".
There are from only a couple...to maybe a dozen or so....souls in such a group.
that Speaker called such a group, "the family". "one's spiritual family"
not ALL of such a group is "dead' either!! often one or two members incarnate on earth, with the rest of the family remaining in spirit, acting as sort of Guides for those on earth.

One thus is never ALONE on earth!

when one dies, one rejoins the other members.
....this was the topic. it was not presented as a "formal" lesson: just a talk around a table with the rest of the people sitting on the floor, around this low table.