Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Interesting morning, Police at my computer terminal!

so here i was, about an hour ago, at the computer on the quiet second flor of the University Library. two police ladies came up to me to "check me out", check my ID and all of that. later....i went to talk to a librarian i know, here. he tells me that the new Director wants to 'kick out" any and all people who
"do not belong here"! the librarian tells me that he thinks her actions probably are not even legal: but i have seen this STRUGGLE in the librarian world, now, for years!

"serve the public"
"protect the books"!

many libraians that i have met must have all 10 planets, in their astrological chart, in VIRGO!!

I see, though, The Writing On the Wall, in this here post 9-11 times:
Insitutions getting very very CLOSED to any outsiders who are "not suppoosed to be there"!
meaning ME!

so here i am without a phone...they cost the earth, on a disibility pension, and if you add the internet provider's cost, plus the modem that i will need....well........

the Senior center has a computer center too, can i use them?
well....classes all the morning long and they are TOO also "protective"! but since i am a senior in age, i suppose i could go there!

the free wheeling days of the hippie may be well over! everyone becomes CARDED and only people who Have Reasons, can enter!
and you, and everyone else, *WANT* it that way.....why the reasons why i left the basement of the library in the first place was that for six months about ten homeless men would come to use the computers and all they click on is
The very chairs were saturated with an aura of "grunge"..."darkness' even if they were not there!
I WOULD...if i were the Librarian, i might even see if i could kick them out!!!
[they arrested, in CHAINS and drug him out in handcuffs, a man, a month ago, from the library, i saw it; they had him on the floor spread flat, sitting on him...a SEX OFFENDER arrest, perhaps sitting in the woman's bathroom stall so that he could take a peek, or maybe

so i would have to accept that this Librarian should check me out, and even kick me out, as i have to look at her Position from HER EYES!! I would have to agree with her!

....so what does this mean to my weblogging? the day may come when i will not post so often THEN there is that mystery about why blogger has YET to tell me that i have a "blogger pro"!!
i sent the check to them two weeks ago! in a couple of weeks, or so, i probably will go to my bank and have them "collect" on their money order; claiming it is lost! probably *IS*, if they had not cleared the check by then, as they might only be waiting for the check to clear first before telling me about my upgrade. but my letter could be buried under a mountain of chaotic mail, in their office, never never to be read by any of them....so i could just ending up getting my $35+ back! i should take my receipt in to
the teller office to see if it has been cashed yet, if NOT...well.....

moral of my rant today: the day may indeed come when me getting to a computer will be "iffy" on a day by day basis: might be a good thing NOT to have PRO!