Sunday, April 13, 2003


the last few nights I have had many astral dreams where i go to the astral world and *become* other people! i spend from a moment to hours *as* someone, anyone: no one i know or knew here on earth.
different races, different places, all over the world.

well, sports fans, I prayed to spirit, trying to get a feel for "why"!
...was it to prepare me for my own heaven, soon: i *thought* so, as these expereinces have increased over the last few years!

SUDDENLY, in the middle of doing something else, when i was not thinking about this question, the Whole Answer came, as to "why"!

it was NOT for me, it was for them!

1 ---------------------
2 ---------------------
3 -------------------------
4 ------------------------

the person, the deceased soul, is on heaven level "3".
Spirit wants him to Bond with Teachings that vibrates at heavenlevel "2". Spirit is at "1".

but the Intituation will not "take" unless there is *ALSO* a vibration of the "cup" present: ...."1"!
THE EARTH! the earth that he was present in, once.
as he does no live on earth, and earth must be present, in him....I am Spirit-drafted to Be There.

then there was yet more Intuitions, all following at once: that i really "ought" to live longer here, JUST for this, as long as i am healthy and can sleep well so that i can ASTRAL DREAM, i can be of Service. so i prayed to be of such service.

there was yet MORE intuitions: that i might live till i am 73, like both my father and my grandfather did! 11 more years.

...means that i must live "very earthly": no high-falutin new age veganism for me! gotta be Mainstream and gotta be a Good Foundation, to be that CUP!

soon, probably as blogger gets my check and when that check is cleared, so that i get the BLOGGER-PRO, ACCOUNT, I will stop writing in the "one year to live" weblog, as their is a posting limit, to blogger pro. plus IF i live longer, the topic is not relavant. but i will NOT cancel the weblog, i will just let it sit here, as there are so so many webrings and search engine embedded links: i think that i subscribe to about 20 webrings! dont wanna break the chains!

so, soon, please come "over" to my "my life after near death experiences" weblog: i keep that one up every other day, or three!