Monday, April 21, 2003

I went to a interesting world-realm, the other night!

looked like the physical world: but i could tell that it was a spirit counterpart! looked "old Russian" to me. *was* "old russian"!

"old Moscow" in fact! i talked to people and walked around the squares and businesses of what looked to be a mixture of
....the physical Moscow...the memories of people who once lived there, but are now in the Spirit world...and the spirit world counterpart
to moscow, in the spirit world.

I cannot recall too too much, of what i saw, except the very last experience.

This was when I saw a large, heaveyset, man, with a beard....walk into a parklike setting and he began to sing! i could tell that he was, or IS [perhaps he came out-of-body too!] an Opera singer of great Fame and talant, now or recent, in the Moscow area, of Russia.
he walked into this park so that he could sing a
LAMENT for the great sufferings of the Russian peoples, over the years and years. Ilistened to this great oupouring Lament, this great feeling of Soul, for all the russian peoples. very powerfull and touching.

Oh the sufferings!
the Cold.
the communist party.
the Change-over to "currant day Russia"!
...and of the daily lives of all the people!