Wednesday, April 30, 2003

I got my second mailing list ready now!
[bloglet is OK, but often it is Down!]

you may go to

to see it and to sign up, if you cannot get to www.bloglet!
here is my "introduction" to my yahoo/egroups list, a much more dependable list, plus you have the option to "read at the site"
if you do not want the mails in your mailbox!

I Learn more about how I can live a better life, in *this* material world, after experiencing many Dreamvisions of afterlife

Hello everyone! This list is the "mailing list" for my Blogger weblogs. When you sign up, either here in Yahoo or on one of my weblogs, for each posting that I place into the weblogs; it will be mailed to you. Thus you do not have to come to my weblogs to read...

*If* you find the mailings to "clog your mailbox", you may come to this list's homepage and set your preferences to "read at the site", thus at that setting, you can read your subscribed posts, here, without having them in you mailbox!

TOPIC of my weblogs?

1..."my life after near death experiences"
My daily, earthly, life after experiencing many many Visions of the Afterlife, Spiritworlds!

Many many amazing links, with small Reviews.

I have some of my DreamVisions of being taken by Guides to experience heaven... written up, here, for you to read.

thank you