Friday, April 18, 2003

I got a letter from my aunt yesterday.

she asked me about her friend who had a dream. "what does this dream mean, freestone?", she asked!

---the friend dreamed that she died! then she ascended to heaven and saw places there!

I tried to "advise" my aunt: interesting, perhaps, what i wrote, perhaps you all may find it of interest, my re-collections of what i wrote!
.....Of course she may have this dream to be "only" of a psychological nature, i cannot tell from 1200 miles away! or, perhaps of aJungian nature where the soul-problem is such that the SYMBOL and the event are the same, but this symbol of a Change brings up a death-experience.
However....there is yet another reason!
Take my mother who somehow saw, or was shown, her life records.
A master told her, showed to her, that several years before her birth, while her soul was still in the spirit world, it was Set up so that she would die on a certain date. thus the Master told her," in ten years". her husband, my father, also was indicated, by this master, in my mother's vision...."but Dudley will live until he is 72"!
this set up, in the records, must have been in about 1905, on earth-time.
mother dreams this about 1965. in 1975, she dies: Apointment *is* kept!
Dudley, in the fall of 1986,two months into his 72nd year, is now in the hospital in intensive care: third heart attack in two months!
only*THEN* did i hear of my mother's dream! she never told hardly anyone but husband, i guess.
after mom's death, dudley turned against me. but a few years before he turned 72, he had a profound Spiritual Experience of some kind [i really wanted to know about it but all his short term memory was GONE, after the 3rd heart attack and the many many strokes Dementia-ated him!]. NOW, in the intensive care unit, he told my aunt, his sister, that he wanted to see me! [same aunt who wrote to me the letter!]. we two had a wonderfull reunion, i visited him, in the Home, for nearly a year. he died on xmas day, two months into his 73rd year! [the Gift-day: a year of grace!!]
was mom "wrong"?!
it was set up, in 1905, or so, that dudley would die at 72 years of age, in the fall of 1986. set up long long before 1986. AH! a major change was made, in "midcourse"! dudley's Conversion Experience
OVERWROTE the "set-up"!

so maybe the same for this lady. did she have some major recent change in her life recently, a change that might have overwritten her Life-Files?! Oh, but the ECHO of that set-up-death, would still occur, an echo that might show up in a dream, a dream of a death that was set up to have occurred today, but set up to have occurred in 2003... *then*, at that, maybe 1950 pre-birth time, but today this death is not to be. my father's case, after about two months into my visiting, my aunt's mother-in-law died, on january 5th. she was bedridden for years and she could have died at the slightest cold, anytime!
THERORY: that the "fetchers", who were suppose to have come close to the earth, to help Dudley come to heaven, had arrived around the first of the 1987 year, now found that there was no "dudley to take to heaven"! so they looked around the relatives to see if anyone else was "ready to die"...."anytime"! that mother-in-law seeemed to be, so they took her.
and Dudleys funeral after Xmas of 1987?
NO ONE CAME!! a snowstorm kept even his friends away: my aunt was the Organist, and the undertaker, who had his office across the street [town of 500 people!], and the minister, were all that came...not even the pall-bearers showed up, i guess!!
I feel that since dudley was supposed to die a year ago, there was not a bit of "fore-plannings" for this funeral, as Dudley died "off the record": the Fetchers had taken the mother-in-law, the year before.
dudley was supposed to die in 1986 but Spirit gave him grace of another year, so that this funeral was in a state of "limbo": did not exist!
so life record setups CAN be altered.!!

---maybe even my own!!
your own!