Friday, April 11, 2003

...into the spirit world last night!

another dream, places and people, in various spirit worlds, afterdeath places.
I find it utterly hard to write about the experiences that i had, last night, there. so "not of this world"!!!
Scenes and places. "I" was not "I"!....i was someone else. I can see how and why, as in *this* series of Realms, everyone there did that: you did not meet someone: you *became* that someone!
got that, sports fans?!
if i were to meet you, say, there, i would become you. look at the world through your eyes. think your thoughts...feel your feels: *become* you! and i watched three or four people all merge into one person so that there was one person with four souls present!
then i woke up.
"woke up" as a "stranger" in his bedroom!! in vivid vivid lucid counsciuosness, i noted the walls, the window outlooking rural scenes. i then peered into the next room, the kitchen, where my wife and four kids were having breakfast. [i, frrestone, have no wife or kids!] i was someone else.
...then i woke up yet again, as "freestone"!!

------ seems that perhaps "individualism" has a whole different meaning, in at least some of the spirit worlds! perhaps if i were to meet an old deceased friend, there, upon my own arrival, he would not tell me of the 10 or so years that he has spent there! why, i would become him and just
REMEMBER what "I" had done during those years!!
ah, the Vaunted "i"! "counsciuosness" is counsciouness...does not matter who is being aware, i guess!