Friday, March 21, 2003


the headlines in the Tallahassee Democrat yesterday were about five inches tall!


I find, somehow, that I "am out of it" as far as to "belonging' to certain ways of thought regarding the "anti-war efforts". too...there are certain newsgroups and www.egroups[yahoo] that i find
that i cannot feel rapport with, anymore!

I remember my surprise, when i was interested in reading about that India master MEHR BABA. he was one of the few masters who came to live in the west and his followers claimed Avatarship for him! while i did/do not feel he was an avatar, i feel that he was a Master.
so i read books by him and about him, written by his Inner circle devotees. Baba claimed to have been Inituated by at least five, In Spirit, other masters. One of them, he called..."the highest of the highest"...someone who lived, in india, from about 1840 to 1918. died in october 20th of 1918, just before the Armistice of W W I.
this "highest master", was called
Mehr called him, "the master of masters".
Shirdi's devotees even felt, many of them, that Shirdi was an actual Avatar...a Descent of God, Himself!!

what Amazed me was what one of the Inner circle devotees of Meher baba wrote about Shirdi, as Mehr SAID this, to this writer.
[i quote, but in many of my own words]
"While Shirdi was alive, in India, his Overself had a Cousciousness of its own and could do Independant actions, apart from the incarnated baba. What this baba DID, while alive on earth, but in SPIRIT: he created world war one and directed it, for the education of Humanity"!

baba did *not* side with the allies.....this was not what was meant: what was meant was that baba wrote the script, produced the war, and directed all four years of this war, on BOTH side...allies and Axis!! he was in caharge of *all* of this war!
Baba was a "CIRRICULUM MASTER" to the human race, in the racial school called "the earthplane"!

"but what about all the deaths and sufferings?! might ask?!
well....baba *might* say..."death, What death, i see no death, no one dies, life IS eternal and the tombstone is but a door, no one ever ever dies."!

...and the sufferings of all the soldiers and citizens?!
well, again, baba might say......the more Experiences one has, the faster the soul-evolution, "bad" experiences" are just another form of "good experiences"!
I belive what this devotee wrote: what Mehr baba said!
therefore i have to live my life, in regard to waht is said.
The "newagers" have stepped back five feet from the Mural, while most of us are still right up to the mural wall, our noses nearly touch it! The masters stand back three hundred feet, and can see the Mural of the human race in the Context of Galactic Civilazation, the Spirit world heavens of over 10,000,000 ensouled planets, and of God, himself! thus i cannot get wrapped up in the collective groupthink called "the antiwar efforts"!
betcha this goes on a LOT: Ascended masters setting up Cirriculums for us to follow! *we*, some of us, may feel that the Illuminetti or the "five richest families in the world who own the OIL", are manipulating our collective histories. However....I am guessing that W W II...Aids....drugs....Holocast, and even the "new agers", are Scripts Written out in Spirit, for us to Dance to!
many of us would KILL these masters if they could get their hands onto them, surely! no one *wants* to be dragged out of "Plato's Cave, into the searing light of True-Day!! kick and scream every inch of the way.....

all of these "liberal leftists" will have the shock of their lives, when they find that there is life after they die, maybe *then* they might find
to what extent that the Spirit world is entwined into the daily lives of peoples, on earth!!