Sunday, March 23, 2003

well tis Sunday afternoon, now, a pretty Tallahassee sunday afternoon.
I had a very very interesting Dream last night! It was long long long, and i cannot recall much of it, except at the very very end. Basicly, i went to vist some "intelligence office", "they" wanted to sign me up to join them as a helper in their Project.
I went with the leader, down into a vast maze of tunnels connecting rooms. the rooms were full of people pore-ing over maps and drawing boards. When i looked at the project-sheets and the
write-ups, i was overwhelmed! it was *as if* i saw a six-inch book of
C+++, or Java, programming! ....and i a complete newbie!
I knew SO little that i could not even ask a question as to what they all do, there! Finally, i did see some common denominator: all of the maps, drawings, and pictures of buildings that were drawn upon paper....they all had the notation
"M4: M0 M1 M2 M3" across the top of the paper: i asked about what this meant.

the leader told me," the Material, physical world.
...M0, M1 M2 M3...are planes of subtle, etheric, matter that are *in* the material physical plane, but are "above' it, in vibration, so that anything in them are invisible to material sight"
["most objects are represented in all the subplanes"...something like that he also says]

I do belive not: this is another visit to a spirit world. these Drafters, must be souls who are setting up projects, like earthly buildings, where the building is built *FIRST* in the spirit world, then some construction person builds it, later!
[the same would be for ideas, wars, and other subtle things other than buildings!]

.....reminds of an out of body account that i read about, years ago....the person floated OBE out over the town street and she
saw, in the abandoned lots, building s that *were* there years ago, but now are only existant in the etheric plane. she also saw a couple of buildings that looked very "futuristic", as if some soul designed a house that might be built years and years later...

yet ANOTHER spirit group signed up for, after i die.
yet another example of how the Material world is but a tip of that perverbial iceburg where *most* of what happens here, to visible sight, has anchors and RealFoundations, in the spirit and heavenworlds! thus a whole bunch of "sparate earthly events", might be really ONE event, connected in spirit.

*this* is one major reason why i do not DO the anti-war thing....I see a Drama, a drama that has many many Players and set up years and years ago. it really ought to run, unless STOPPED only by those who Came here TO stop it, as Part of the Drama!
[you know who you are: for or against!!]
Not my Play. thus i will not get all upset, one way or another...
and...this drama was set up long long ago, in spirit, and will CONTINUE, in spirit, for the afterdeath souls, for a long time also.

[i am glad there are not 10,000 abombmissiles over there! ]
when the kids are acting out: best the kids not disturb the grownups, with the grownups own dramas!