Sunday, March 30, 2003

well, sports fans!!
I, yesterday, read about the man who lives in Iraq, and has the weblog, on blogspot. He keeps this journal, daily, until about yesterday, when the phone lines went out. I went to look at his site and while i had not time, much, to read it, the Quote, on the upper left sidebar, caught my attention real good! it is a quote, and surely this quote reflects this man's life-outlook!

>>>> ----------
"the West won the
world not by the
superiority of its ideas
or values or religion but
rather by its superiority
in applying organized
violence. Westerners
often forget this fact,
non-Westerners never
Samuel P. Huntington

When i read this, I was greatly Disturbed! disturbed, but unable to come to grips or terms with what Huntington was saying, Raed, the apparent writer of this weblog,too, was infering his beliefs in Huntington's saying. On a gut-level, I feel what is said is
WRONG, but yesterday i could not think it out as to why.
so today, after walks and thoughts, i now know why this is said, and, to me, what was meant, here.
"violence"! I had to get beyone the "new" meaning, of this word, as in "violent crimes", or 'violence against women"!
I went to an "older" meaning....

my first thoughts were that Raed and Huntington convienently forget about the Huns....the w w II japanese rape of the chinese women....the Cambodia "rouge" Killing Fields"....the latest massaceres in SW Africa, black on blacks!!

I had to find out just *how* the west was/is Violent.
some random thoughts follow..........

..................Japan [?]1880. Perry forced the japanese to open up their country to the west after 200 to 400 years of Medievel-type "turning inwards" to keep the outer world at bay [read; the west!]
i read, somewheres...."every citizen had their whole lives set up by the Code of "social level determines the life" the number of square inches of floor-space, the type of doll you gave to your daughter...was all dictated by the social status and the culture. there were, and ARE,
50 ways to say "good morning" to a stranger, depending upon his social class!!
the japanese have a saying..."the nail that sticks out, is the very first to get hit by the hammer"!!
[the group over the individual] local cafeteria. i see so so often a "little old lady" near me, on the food line, all confused as to which of the 20 salads, the 20 deserts, the 12 meats, she should order! her husband is Deceased, and she has to think for herself. she grew up in the Depression days of 1931. other people were SUPPOSED to do her thinking FOR her, now she is a ship without rudder, sail, or wheel! what she *really* wants is to have someone to tell her what to order!

.......I had a couple of friends live in London, England, in the late 70s.
they had many shocks! first, they found that there were NO appartments for rent in the London Times! why? there *were* none!!
why? young people, when they got married, why they lived with Mom!
second shock: by now there were macDonalds in London and they *all* were three floors ! and packed too! it was known that the fast food places, in the USA as well as in England, were far far more , than "politics" to give to women Freedom!! why now they could get out of the house and DO something, if they ate there quickly without hours of food prep!

violence. the violence of Individualism confronting a mass-mind
Moral mind-set!!
individualism. freedom to choose. "have it your way". independence. freedom of choice. "test the limits".....
*these* are what Huntington and Rael see as VIOLENCE!
[a macdonalds in Bagdad, saying "have it your way" to a woman who takes off her Veil!!!]
violence against a social order of LAW, where each and every thought, feeling, and action, is set up for one, to live their lives: what security and surety of Knowings there is, here! NO "extentensial Angst"...NO "shades of grey" to any choices!
NO WONDER the "wanderkund" [wandering children] of the 1928 pre-nazi germany, who walked the trails with their backpacks and books of philosophy, vegetarian....all *became* the SSS storm troops, or supported Hitler: they could not stand the intensity of Choices and freedoms, that is inherient in "individualism"!
[i wonder if many in the "new age movement" are getting like that, today....another topic!]

this Read was born in the West, and lived there most of his life: why did he choose to live in Iraq?!! was it the allure of the surety
of Allah?! the moral..ethical code of Muslim law?

I feel *this* is the "Violence' that he writes of, the violence that he sees the west spreads! It began, perhaps, with Jesus and early Christianity! jesus speaks of a"individual salvation, here on earth, and a individual self-existance, after death! Jesus rants against the Mosaic law of the Old testement, that He says Law alone will NOT save a soul!
...but that *seems* to be the messege of Muslimism! "law *is* all" !!
"law" is a moral edifice, a ethical structure: anychange to it, from without, from an outside force that is not of it....*IS* violence!!!
[the Wolf batters down the litle ole piggy's house!]

so i CELEBRATE the west's violence! I love RPG computer games where i fight monsters and challenge Authority and try something "beyond the prescibed limits", in my games!
I try to do that with my life, too.
*this* is the violence that he speaks of........

he, and Huntington are Right! but would *you* want an alternative?!
Sign up with the "sheparding" movement, in the Pentecostal or Charismic churches, where someone told me that even the brand of toothpaste is supposed to be chosen for you!
join a CULT!

i choose violence!!