Friday, March 14, 2003

well, sports fans, i discovered something, yesterday, that gives me a *very* creepy feeling!! i am not sure what this will mean, what i found....

I always was intrigued about the "spiritual" numbers...144 and 108.
"108", i believe, is the number of beads in the Rosery. 108 is
27 X 4 = 108. "the circle squared", perhaps....has something to do with cycles of events repeating. Beads on the rosery.
Tis one of the major numbers in India too.

So what did i discover?
I saw the headlines yesterday...."the Yugoslavic Minister Assassinated
on the 12th at mid-day....The greatest hope for peace and reformation, killed by mobsters"!
then the article went on to compare this killing with the assassination of Duke Ferdinand, on June 28th of 1914, there in Yugoslavia: this started WW I , a war that went on, endlessly, for over four years.

march 12th to june

108 days!

to "add insult to injury"...june 28th, the sun is at 6 degrees of cancer.
on march 12th, the MOON was at 6 degrees of cancer when this man was killed!!

what does this *FLAG* mean? does it mean....
1...the End of the cycle of many many wars: Peace will now Reign supreme!?
2...very very soon, wars will pop out all over the world, endlessly
and never-ending, for four to eight years!! ? the whole world will soon be embroiled in a "war-mind", where even the "peaceniks" will don green fatigues and carry a rifle and learn how to kill! where the Highest Honor one could do for the country would be to enlist
into the military! Yipes!

But right now, all i can DO, to you all, is to point out this FLAG...this flag of Meaning! this "108" is a Marker!!
for what i cannot say.....

say??...except that i had a Out of Body dream about a month ago, where other out of body people who came up to the "room" that i was in, why they all spoke of 'the terrible wars"..."did you SEE the newspaper headlines....WAR WAR", one of them replied!!