Tuesday, March 04, 2003

well the other day i did something that I gritted my teeth over!!

all of my Visions of going to see heaven: what are they good for?! I mean....I sense that I am in a "land of the blind and i am a one eyed person"! but no one wants to hear or see!

know what i use my visions for....?!!


they are a very very *excellant* way to use to break off conversations with people that i do not want to be near me or to have
me Bond to what they want to have me relate to!
that man yesterday who had everything about him to be CYNICAL! every motion, every word and anything that i said to him was a "one way chinese finger-trap"...like poking an umbrella down a chimnney where it can go down but it cannot be pulled back, this
man would want me *only* to feel his pain in *his* manner, his wantings, and would accept only a rapport from me in that manner: bond with pain his way, his needs!

THAT LIFE *IS* awfull...life's a bitch then ya die!

so i told him about me visions and low and behold he left! in a moment, like salt cutting foam, he cut the conversation off and parted.

I do that a lot, use my visions as a weapon to chase such people, that i cannot "help", away away!

ya know, i realize that *most* people, here on earth, are younger souls. They do not need the confusion that "psychic" or "occult knowledge" bring to them. their lessons are to be firmly learning what Matter is! I am getting ever more to feel, actually, that unless one's Guides and Soul has it as a Mission to use and develop "metaphysics and psychic", one should do physical stuff only! be a bank teller or a construction worker: something, no matter how subtle or "elevated"....something where one's HANDS
are used!
...as one Guide put it, i read...."we are here to learn the Stewardship of matter and form"!
Grade #1. matter and the Manipulation of matter.

...the clerk should learn how to be a very good clerk, and know only that CEOs exist, and not learn too much about how to be a CEO, executive, while still a clerk.

in computer game rpgs, one should do all of level one before going on to upper levels. one at a time.

betcha one could work for a year as a manager for a fast food resturant, and learn more about Life than if that person were to join an Ashram for twenty years!