Thursday, March 27, 2003

well i just unsubscribed to all my "earthchange" lists.....they all have become soundingboards for
"bush is the evil one"...anti-war anger anger anger!!

I am going to concentrate upon my weblogs and upon my own the weeks and months to come.

but i wonder....i wonder just what all these antiamericans really want us all to do?!

so much hatred, by them....I wonder: feels to me that they are in a much much more deeper hatred to something than just the war and to bush and to america!

may 13th is coming, but my own History of dates, in my life, tell me that "one year to live" will not come at one year!!
probably one year and 11 months....or something like that!
basicly, a year extension, perhaps until the fall or winter.

that "cold" that kills...i can see it lungs fill with fluid and the hommorage from the weakened walls of my disabled, in 1993, lungs. that article i often now read, in the paper, about that "SARS", there, in china, even if this sickness is NOT the cause of my coming death: tis a wakeup call, that is physical and touchable: a cold that kills 5 to 30 percent of its victums!