Tuesday, March 18, 2003

---a post to a Morrowind game forum....

Hi all!

well I started my entry into Seedya Neen, for the second time, with my Combat Breton, who has great mage potential, with 70+ mods added!
I am nearly Overwhemed!
the Immersiveness...the sense of being there *in* that world....I
could write more about the immesiveness, things that have been said 123 times already.

----brings back small memories of those "never-ending" threads, in the rpg newsgroups, and forums, about...
"Graphics vs gameplay"!

Yes, back in, say, 1987 or 1990, the very first computer games had stick figures or blobs, for characters, in three colors and "beeps' for music. The programmers and players were mostly "computer nerds" who were *very* left brained and very abstractly intellectual: a chess game or mental math puzzle was right up their perverbial alley!
These people did not value "immersiveness" in games or maybe in life! they wanted, and NEEDED, to be an observer, or maybe not even that, as they wanted to "live in their heads" to contemplate some abstract theorem or idea.....like of that image of the college professor, sitting in the corner of the cafe, pipe in hand, the pipe-smoke difting upwards to the ceiling, as he pondered and pondered some abstract math formula: ignoring all the hustle and bustle of the cafe, not even seeing all of the pretty co-eds, or hearing the music, rock and roll, on the 1960s jukebox! to be Immesed into life would RUIN his concentration, tear up his focus on his Research projects!

yes, his head is in the clouds and his feet nearly do not touch the floor: but those formulas that he spends so much time with, in his head, might change the world, twenty years later!!

...thus the 1989 computer games were enjoyed by people who more or less
"lived in their heads"!!

Now ME, i am "right brained"! i failed college, in the major of meteorology, MISERABLY! i could not see the images of the math or philosophy very well!

like: I CANNOT play a new game from reading the manual as the instructions are just useless words, i have to play for awhile before i can read this game manual, thus i have a great time of difficulty following instructions, as i cannot see the images and connect them to the kinetic feel of the outer life!

thus for ME....the more "real" and immersive a game is....the more real and immersive it is for me! Take those strategy games, even the 95% ones of quality, where i peer at microscopic figures on a battlefield, from a vantagepoint of, say, 400 feet above the ground....if i try to play one of these games, the game is NOT real, as i play it, i pay *much* more attention to the train whistle way across town and the sound of water dripping from my sink, and i will get "antsy" real quick and leap up from the chair at the "slightest" distraction, as this game is "NOT real"...as if i am reading a 200 page dissertation, in fine print, about the Breeding habits of a Mollisc that lives 3000 feet below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico...the researcher has NEVER ever seen a live specimen of this mollisc!! 200 pages of charts, formuleas, and not a single illustration or picture in the whole thing! I would rather leap up from my chair, reading this, or playing that stagegy
game, to check my mail, as i hear the mailtruck come by...and read junk mail ads about how to buy a car or join the vet club or donate to starving children!

*not* morrowind!
I, one day into the second "start", I already am DREAMING about the game! almost scares me! I even am beginning approach
my daily activities *IN* the light of MW gameplay! I begin to ask questions of myself.....like Do I steal, in the game? would i steal in real-life?
but more importantly, i see already that there are certain MW actions that i could take, that is "not my ordinary nature" to do so, like say...of Taunting a npc. i *could* taunt an npc, somtime soon. would I?!
what i am saying here, sports fans...is that already, just one hour into the game, i am confronted with "game-life envelope-boundry expanding
options" in the game, options i might not do in "real life", options that i could take in the game.
...or just go where i am told NOT to!
to enter a locked building that obviously is locked to keep strangers out!
....or just to see "different" realities and take them as being real in the context of the game! [oh those people who complained about the animals, or even the npcs, to be "too insectisoid"!]

I wonder if i could apply some of these envelope-stretching
gameplays, to my 'real life"?!!

so i end up voting overwhemingly for "graphics"!!