Thursday, March 20, 2003

oh my!

I get static from everyone about the war.

seems that i have trouble dealing with the "new agers"!

after all, when i recieved my own Instructions, over the years, as to "what is real"....there were some *VERY* "difficult sayings " that i had to confront!

such as.....

a Guide spoke through a medium, saying...."If a person were to find or invent something that will prevent all wars for good, why God would immediately give to this man a heart attack and kill him"!

he went on..."why?
because souls who need war, in their incarnational missions, would not be able to have war and thus they could be STUCK on the incarnational earth plane for good!!"

thus wars are needed, gotta have ALL the classess, for those who need them, in the schools of life!

i guess the "peace people" are people who were In wars, in other lives, and thus they want to have peace.

but i have been Told! war is a part of soul classess and thus there will be wars.....