Thursday, March 06, 2003

the non-commercial game LIVES!!

Well I have now begun Morrowind.
my Breton fighter, with mage skills, is now standing just outside of the census
office wall, just outside of Seyda neen, when i saved the game and quit for the night.
yes everyone, in 231,765 words, has said it all before, i will add only a few more words of praise.
My new system, the athlon XP 1.4 [1800] with gainward 450 geforce3, why i can put the veiw slider all the way to the end and there is very little slowdown!
why, the stone walls, look SO realistic!

I can hear all the sounds, the water lapping, the meows of the cats, the far off children.....
mods, i added: atmospheric sounds 3.0+ patches, with Wilderness sounds mod, together.
[i hesitate to add M. sounds enhancements, perhaps TOO many sounds at once!]

when i "dry ran" my character, just to see if i could get to the game, i had no mods installed, all i heard when entering, was the Stiltrider screeching: silence otherwise! those two usermods added a LOT of immersive game ambience!

against some advice, i set up MW with nearly 40+ mods a-running, most of them are superfical mods, but important, like "signposts"..."bedroll"..."bank".
however i also installed many dungeon add-on, mods: when and if i get to the entrances, i might enter. some of these dungeon mods "promise" 100 levels...hours of extra play...etc..etc...
near a whole game in themselves!
why one...SWORD OF PERITHIA , says that this mod is *another* whole game!!
[>>>This is a total conversion, whole new stand alone RPG, developed using TES.
Though Vvardenfell remains on the map, you might as well forget that it is there, for you'll never be going back.
... SOP offers a new Main Quest and storyline.
... The entire game is set in a new Kingdom.
... 5 new cities (Balmora sized and bigger), with several new towns and camps.
... Over 100 new NPC's to interact with.
...Countless dungeons and interiors to explore.
... Over 80+ hours reported game time.>>>]

another game!!
a game that i read, from a mod-critic..."is better than MW, the story is actually BETTER than the original game!"

I also bought Neverwinter nights, on sale at EBs!
I discovered that there are 2000 mods that are made for this game, and, yes, while many are "4 hour campaigns", there are a few that are nearly 50 megs in size and are rated as "epic" in size and length of gameplay!

then there is

this game also comes with a "game creator set" and there are over 200 mods made for IT!!
[reviews say..."old school graphics that are so so, but the gameplay and storyline is better than *most* commercial games: the best shareware game out there!!]

I once thought that the "personal homepage" was dying, on the net, replaced by zillions of commercial sites.
then i found Blogger!!
weblogs, weblogs with graphics to die for and The personal page lives!!
[in the "bloggernews, last week..."blogger now has 2,000,000 weblogs"
"200,000 are current active"!!]

so the personal site lives....

my weblog is...
["blogspot"...the "hostname of blogger!]

and creative games live too!
why i, myself, will have games until i die of old age, as i will, or have, buy-bought these three games with their "construction sets'!
oh yeah, many of these mods are "amatuar-only" 'bad"...but there are many Gems!!

yes, the hometown dinercafe is alive and well, the fast food places have not taken over EVERYWHERES!
but ya gotta LOOK, look beyond the Media-hype, to find them all.
whether cafes...personal pages...or games!