Wednesday, March 26, 2003


i am still digesting that New York Times article about the "wellspring' of what makes AlQaeda tick!
and the radical Muslim world, in general.

I found it very interesting to read about all the resistance of the Iraq troops, there, south of bagdad. Brought to mind some *interesting* ponderings, over my 2pm starbucks coffee!

the very core philosophy, of the "political correctness" people, seems to be, for me, to center around the idea that
there are no absolutes, and no "one way", of any moral actions. Thus a painting or a life cannot be criticized by anyone, as it is "right", no matter what the painting is about or how good it is, technically!
like: in a donut shop, there are NO one donuts that are better or worse than any other donut. all are equal in "value"!

...leads to something , to me, very very Interesting, sports fans!
assume this is so, that a PC person believes all cultures and peoples have a right to be as they are and NO interference by others
from outside, as any culture is "true".

the radical muslim culture, as well as much of the mainstream culture of muslims, believe that it is the Duty of all, in the name of Allah, to convert the world to muslimism. to have everyone lay down their sex-driven, sensual ways, and to return to Law, the law of God.
thus, a good PC person would let them alone.

but the muslin way would be to have these pc people become muslims! "oxygen" will Oxidize anything that the molecule touches: radical muslimspeak, says that "one must convert"! that means *YOU*, Heathen!!!

then why why are not the political correct people not muslims?!! if they are NOT, these PC people are hypocites! if they Value the
radical muslim way *as* valid, then these radicals would convert these pc people to Allah!
*must* convert, as that is the way of Radical Muslimism!

if a pc tells them "no", then that pc person is taking a Moral stance!
"you WILL convert" and "I will NOT convert"....cannot co-exist in the same space and time!

two cultures in the same spot, like two bricks, on the table, trying to occupy the same exact spot!
*what* does two bricks look like, when occupying this same spot?
....a column of tanks, troops, and supply trucks, motoring along, slowly, along a windy, dusty road, guns poking out the windows at Snipers in the roadside hills, driving towards the heart of a country!!

so why are not the PC people, and many of the new agers..